Why Hello Toes It’s Been Too Long

The last time I got a pedicure was Feb. 7, 2009. I know this because it was the morning of my baby shower. Then I suddenly gave birth on Feb. 11th, so yeah…. My toes have been neglected since. Normally I have them professionally done but due to the budget I have ceased. I figure $20 a month on my feet adds up pretty quick, and with a new kid plus quiting my job we could use the money. A few months ago my sweet sis gave me her old mani/pedi kit, as she had obtained a new one. I’m pretty sure this was her way of saying “Dude, your feet look nasty.” I put the kit in my bathroom and told myself I would get to it one night after Stinkerbell went to bed. Finally three months later I did! Yay me! Now I have pretty toes 🙂
I am aware of the ugliness that is my feet because ALL feet are f’ing ugly but I am posting a pic anyways. Also, all you peeps out there with a foot fetish, you can have at it but know that that is f’ing GROSS! Just sayin’….

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