15 Months of CRAZY but also AWESOME


See ya! I'm outta here!

 Today I took Stinkerbell for her 15 month check. For the most part the visit went well. She weighed in at 19 pounds and measured 30.5 inches long. So basically she’s long and skinny. Very skinny. So skinny in fact that the Pediatrician has now requested that I feed her 5 meals a day (instead of 3 meals and two snacks) along with one thing of Pediasure a day. WTF? See here is how my kid’s appetite goes, some days she will eat us out of house and home and resembles something like a bottomless pit, other’s she will spit food in your face, swat your hand away, and protest with every fiber of her being that she is NOT going to eat that. She has more bottomless pit days than others. The other issue with my kids eating is that it takes her FOREVER to eat. Why? Because she thinks that meal time is playtime. So, yeah… I now get to have five food battles a day instead of 3. Awesome. The other news is that she has been referred to a Pediatric Orthopedic because she when she walks she hyperflexes her knees. The doctor wants ultrasounds of her hips and knees. Um…. good luck getting Stinkerbell to sit still for that. Not even DORA gets her to sit still long enough for something like that. So… that will be an interesting day. The good news is that developmentally she is ahead of schedule. This is great for a kid who was born 9 weeks premature. She even told the doctor “thank you” and “welcome.” She also told the nurse “bye-bye” and “no no no no” (when she was giving her shots.) She also attempted to hide from the doctor:


Uh.... I still see you....

So once we got home I was all “okay, were going to do this whole five meals thing that is NEVER going to work because who can eat a meal every two/three hours thing.” First she had some chicken nuggets and fries from Chik-Fil-A with ketchup for dipping (and extra calories.) She decided that all she wanted was the ketchup. She proceeded to stick her hand in the ketchup and then lick the ketchup off her hand. She wanted nothing to do with the chicken nuggets and fries. Awesome. Ketchup was everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. So then she went and took a nap. After her nap I gave her crackers with almond butter on them and some applesauce. This was the result of that:


And this is when I decided to say “eff it” I am just going to give her juice and feed her sticks of butter. Okay. I’m not going to do that. I’ll stick it out for a while but OMG if I have to clean this up five times a day I am going to go insane. Later in the day I fed her more peanut butter crackers and some mango, which she refused to eat and actually threw her tray off her booster seat and all over the floor and herself. After that we played in the baby pool because my theory was “eh…. it’s water.”

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