Well over due…..

OMG we moved in this house after this expired!


So today I decided that I would go though our kitchen cabinets and get rid of anything that had expired. First of all, we had about 10 cans of black beans and 10 cans of evaporated milk???? Why? I have no idea, but since the black beans weren’t expired I would suggest that you don’t stand downwind from me for a few weeks. The evaporated milk was about a year past expired so I chunked it. At first I was all “Maybe I should donate this to the food pantry?” Then I was all, “wouldn’t it be sort of, like, degrading to give them past due foods?”

Me: Here’s some food for your donation center

Donation center: “Um… gee thanks for the expired food? Are you trying to kill off the needy?”
So….. yeah I wound up throwing it in the trash can because then I was all if someone REALLY needs expired evaporated milk that bad and they happen to be dumpster diving then they can have it. I also threw away approximately 1,002,853.5 packets of tea bags because we NEVER drink tea in this house unless my in-laws are here and then all of the sudden dear hubby is all “OMG WHY DON’T WE HAVE TEA????” And then I politely remind him that he is a DAMN YANKEE and refuses drink tea the correct way, sweetened, and thus we don’t make it. Until your parents come. Then you decide that you do like tea. And vegetables. But whatever.

yeah.... that got drank right up......

except... oh wait.... no it did not........

In the end I wound up with not one, not two, but THREE garbage bags full of expired or stale food. That is just too much wasted food in my opinion. SOMEONE, ahem ahem self, needs to stop buying impulse foods, and stick to the grocery list.

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