My Budding Artist

Just this week Stinkerbell started coloring. She totally annoys me when she does it because she could care less about staying in the lines and not making Mickey Mouse purple. Anyways, yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen while I though she was quietly sitting on the ground coloring Mickey red. I should have known something was up. It is NEVER good when she is quiet. NEVER. The last time she was quiet I found her standing on a table. This time I found this:


Yup. That’s right. She colored the wall….

Thankfully I was a smart Mommy and bought “washable” crayons. With one swipe of a lysol wipe it was GONE! HA! Take that Stinkerbell! Also, I ‘m not sure how she managed to get the red crayon outside but it totally melted in the sun (again thankfully, on the grass:))
Later we colored again. Only this time she stayed on the paper.


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