Why I Should Never Be On Project Runway

First I apologize for the long lapses in posts. I’ve been crazy busy running after a 17 month old who thinks she is supposed to run and jump all over EVERYTHING! Which is why I am surprised that I found the time today to attempt to make her one of those “Pillowcase Dresses” that you see in all of the baby boutique stores. My thinking was, it’s a pillowcase with a minor amount of sewing. Anyone can do that. SO….. I tried. THE FUCK! That shit was WAY harder than I expected it to be. First of all it took me FOREVER to sew the, like, 4 hems that it required. Here is the finished project:


Pretty sure this is going to consume my skinny little girl


My attempt to divert your eyes away from the ugliness 🙂

Lets just say that:

1. Attempting to sew around a child with boundless energy and a constant demand for attention is pointless as she will just either unplug the machine or press on the foot.

2. There is a LOT of “liquid stitch” on the ribbon I put around the arm holes to cover up a seriously UGLY hem.

and lastly

3. I will not be sewing for the remainder of the day as I am currently mad at my sewing machine for not magically making me an AWESOME sewer.

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