Monkeying Around

Okay okay first let me say sorry it’s been so long. Things gets crazy and time flies by. Since my last post I’ve lost 40 lbs and become a runner. No joke! I’ve also been working on my domestic skills 🙂 Last Christmas my loving hubby got me a sewing machine. I initially tried to make Stinkerbell a pillowtop dress thing. It turned out…..awkward. It was giant on her and had massive amounts of liquid stitch holding it together. I put the sewing machine away for the time discouraged. Last week I decided to have a go at it again. I found this pre-drawn pattern on fabric thing at Wal-Mart to make an apron. It actually turned out pretty good. See:

Feeling pretty good about my apron I decided to try to make Stinkerbell something again. I found an online tutorial for easy pj pants. I simply took a pair of pants that fit her and folded them in half, length wise. I then placed it on folded fabric (right sides together.) Then traced the pants allowing a 1″ seam allowance and two-inch hem allowance. I did this twice. Then you cut the pieces out (4 total, front right and left; back right and left.) Then I sewed the front two panels together as well as the back two panels. Then, right sides facing, I sewed the front and back panels together. Then I sewed the bottom hems. For the waist I made a 1.5″ hem leaving about 1″ unsewn. I put the elastic in the hem. Secured the elastic to itself and sewed up the remaining hem. Then wha-la I made PJ pants!

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