Running and I feel like crap :(

Back in August I started the couch to 5k running program.
Couch to 5k Pictures, Images and Photos
It’s a nine week program aimed at getting you off the couch and running. You start of simple and then progress as the weeks go on. It wasn’t to difficult and I completed the program in October. I ran my first 5k Oct 2010 and finished in 34:30ish minutes. I ran my second one Oct 30, 2010 and finished in 33:27. Yesterday I ran my third one and finished in 32:35. Also in Nov I started the Bridge to 10K program.
So far in conjunction with weight Watchers I have lost 39 pounds. I am 7 away from my goal. I have gone from a size 14/16 to an 8.

For the most part I have felt the best I have in a long time. However, apparently yesterday a sleeper cell was in my body and at approximately 2pm it attacked FULL F’ING force. it's not lupus - Stencil
I now have a sore throat and congestion like no other. OMG I feel AWFUL! Saturday morning my wonderful sis took the little one out of town for the weekend with her so I could run my race (hubby was out of town.) Thank GOD for that! I have no idea what I would have done if she hadn’t taken her. my family rocks today. They are keeping the little one a little longer today so I can recover. While I was recovering I made two pairs of PJs. One for my older sister, which didn’t turn out so great……., and one pair for myself. I am now curled up in my new PJs, in my bed watching the same episode of “Disappeared” for the 1000th time. There is NOTHING on tv 😦


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2 responses to “Running and I feel like crap :(

  1. thebettylife

    Hope you get well soon! Betty x

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