Easy Burp Cloth Pattern

Recently I have been practicing my sewing. I am slowly improving each time. I’ve made Stinkerbell quite a few simple a-line dresses/jumpers with linings. Today I decided to try to make some baby gifts for two family members who are due in the next few months. I thought it would be fun to make them some cute burp cloths. It turned out to be pretty easy to do! Here’s what I did.

What you need:

4 cloth diapers

1 yard of cute fabric (something washable)

sewing thread and machine


iron and ironing board.

 What to do:

1. Prewash all your fabric and then iron out any wrinkles.

2. cut 4 strips of fabric the width and length of the center of the diaper plus 1″ on all sides.

3.Fold the long sides in even with the center of the diaper. Iron and pin in place.

4. Flip the diaper over and fold the top and bottom in as follows: Fold in half and then over the back of the diaper. Iron and pin in place.

5. Sew the fabric to the diaper across the width of the back on both the top and bottom. See picture below:

6.  Sew the long part on the front of the diaper to the diaper. Try to get as close to the edge as possible.  Do both sides.

7. That’s it. You’re done. Now marvel at your AWESOMENESS. Then go make some soon-to-be-mommies day with a personal gift that costs you no more than $8 to make 🙂

Make sure to iron once more when you are done. I didn't before I took the pic.


Front and back view

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