Bye Bye Ho Ho

So Christmas has come and gone in our house. Stinkerbell now calls Santa “Ho Ho” & says “Bye Bye Ho Ho” when she sees him on tv. As usual Stinkerbell was spoiled rotten with toys and attention. This means I’ll spend the next week picking up toys and fending off attempts from Stink to have my undivided attention. Stink got a rocking horse that she is LOVING. She also got an art desk, play kitchen and art easel. She got tons of clothes which she will most likely outgrow by next month. Playdough has also infiltrated our house. Today she decided to cook her play dough and new barbie in her play oven. Guess she was making something special…. Poor Generic Barbie. Anyways we had a great Christmas here (except when I dropped a stupid chair on my foot!) Hope your family had a great one too!

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