There is Always One

Today I had to go to the doctor because I am yet again sick
with the crud. There is apparently an unspoken rule that once you
birth a child you are no longer allowed to be sick. Lets face it a
22 month old could give a shit if you don’t feel well. They are
still going to jump on your face whilst yelling “MAMA MAMA” at the
top of there tiny but deceiving lungs. So this morning I drag
myself out of bed with the intentions of going to the doc in the
box, get a make me feel better ASAP miracle shot in my ass, and
then hit the grocery store. Thankfully hubby got up to tend to the
little one so I didn’t have to drag her along with me. Am I ever
glad I didn’t bring her because I was there for 4 hours! I got
there at 8:30am. I knew there would be a bit of a wait as the
parking lot was full, but not FOUR HOURS! So I sign in. I wait. And
wait. At 9:30 they call me to the window. Yes, I’m next!
Nope……. They just need my co-pay and insurance info. I pay and
go back to waiting. And waiting….. Then 10:30 the nurse calls me.
You would think, as I did, I am on my way to being seen by the
doctor. Nope. They are just getting ny intake info (height, weight-
their scale LIES!, etc.) so then I’m told to wait some more until a
room is available. I wait.
That is when this old lady enters. She
clearly thinks she is on deaths door and should be seen immediately
but is not going to say it directly. Instead she is going to sit in
the lobby and sniffle/cough/sneeze in the most dramatic of fashions
while holding one of the tissues from the box she brought with her
but hid under her coat (because people care????) Now, keep in mind
that EVERYONE in this lobby is sniffling, sneezing, &
coughing. It’s just that time of year. Most of us
cough/sniffle/sneeze as gently as possible into our office supplied
tissues so as to not infect those already afflicted with even more
germs. But NOOOOOO not Old Lady Drama Queen. With every cough,
sneeze, and or sniffle she makes a complete show of it by doing it
as loud as possible with a GIANT sigh and then moan as to ensure it
is heard by the front office staff (who quite honestly do not give
a rats ass because bless their hearts they were doing the best they
could given there was one doctor and like 50 patients.) Then she
procedes to pester them by checking every 10 minutes to see if it’s
her turn yet. Ummm….. No biotch it’s not. It’s now 11:30 and I
haven’t been seen yet and I was here at 8:30! Each time she would
inquire and get the same response (“we are seeing patients as
quickly as we can. Please be seated and listen for your name to be
called.”) and each time she would do this pitiful face and cough
and then sit back down. These people irritate me, and quite
honestly I am way more easily irritated when I feel like crap. They
irritate me because they don’t think they should have to wait like
everyone else. Either they think they are more sick than others or
too good to wait with the “common” folk. People like that need to
just get over theirselves and realize that they are on the same
level as everyone else and they are just going to have to wait. She
probably thinks that Obama’s health care plan is going to solve
this for her, however, she’s in for a rude awakening (they’ll just
tell her- after she has waited twice as long- that she’s too old
for medicine so she should just go crawl in a hole and shrivel up
and die.) Anyways, back to my original tangent. I was able to snag
a photo of her pre-sneeze/cough. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos This was taken right before I was FINALLY called
back to a room. When I left at 12:30 she was still out there in
full on drama coughing mode. I don’t know how long she waited but I
hope the staff intentionally skipped her and made her wait like 6
hours P.S. My ass still farking hurts from the shot I got

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