Another Day Another Doctor

As noted in my previous post I have been sick with the crud for the umpteenth time in the past 3 months. This of course means it will indefinately spread to all others in the house. Why you may ask? Well, because I have do pretty much do everything or A. It won’t get done or B. It won’t be done right and I will have to redo it because I can be OCD like that. Take for example this morning, my lovely husband woke me at 5:30 am because he wanted me to shave his head for him. Apparently he forgot to ask me last night because he was too busy playing poker and watching football….. I promptly told him “Um….No. I am attempting to sleep.” He begged. I stuck to my guns. However at this point I gave up on sleep because, let’s be realistic who reeeeeeally needs it. Oh wait the sick lady who has a now sick kid who only got three hours sleep thanks to a steroid shot (that still farking hurts) and a kid up coughing all night. That’s the kind of person I would guess needs sleep. Or I could be wrong.
Anyways, back to stuff relevent to the blog title. I took Stinkerbell in to the doctor due to her having a tale tell “Croup” cough all night. Sure enough she was diagnosed with Croup and we were sent on our way with my most favorite prescription in the whole fucking world. Steroids. Yay. I cannot contain my enthusiasm. No really who wouldn’t look forward to three days of a steroid crazed 2 year old who refuses to sleeps and will hit and kick you directly in the face. Not to mention she will literally run circles around the livingroom until she then decides to move on to either the dining room or to perform balance beam routines on the back of the couch. Yay. I. Can’t. Wait. Here is what she will resemble for the next three days:

Except for the whole she’s a girl and white, but you get the idea.
Here is what I will resemble:

Note all you will see when you look at me are going to be my poor sleep deprived eyes. Then on Saturday I get to run in a race. Awesome timing.

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