Scrap Fabric Skirt

So today I decided that I would try to make a skirt for Stinkerbell out of some scraps of fabric I have. I got the idea from The Sewing Dork. She has an AWESOME blog with tons of sewing tips, ideas, and tutorials. I found this one post about How to Make Fat Quarter Skirts and got inspired to create my version using scraps of fabric I had left over from various other projects (and I didn’t have any already coordinated Quilt Quarters.) I followed her steps (which were well laid out with photos to boot!) And created a totally cute and wearable skirt for my little Stinkerbell. I tried to wrangle a shirt on her but she would have none of it since she was totally ready for her nap but also wanted to play with stuff in my purse. Here are some pics:

Fabric scraps skirt back

Front view of finished skirt

edited front view

edited back view

I am so pleased with how this skirt turned out! Just wish the little one would have let me put a shirt on her! Oh well, I guess I ‘ll just have to try to get one fully clothed on another date. Once again, check out The Sewing Dork for some super cute ideas of what you can make for yourself or your kids!

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