Tiered Ruffle Skirt and Peasant Blouse….. Yes More Sewing :)

Still on my sewing kick this week. Sure there is tons to do around the house before the realtor comes to do the once over to tell Hubby and I what we need to do to make the house sellable, but who can resist the urge to sew when it springs upon you. Okay, some of you can, but me…. not so much. Also, if I want to get any good and become the next greatest designer in the world I HAVE to practice. Okay….. so maybe not the next greatest designer but still if I want to get better I  have to keep at it. I found some more sewing blogs that offer free tutorials for some simple pieces. The first Tanya Whelan’s blog Grand Revival. This is where I found the tutorial for the Ruffle Skirt. The tutorial was simple to follow and the pattern was super easy.  I don’t have a Serger (yet) so I had to do a basic hem on the Ruffles and hand sew the ruffles, however, even then this did not take me long (1 1/2 hrs) to do.

Tiered ruffle skirt



MMMMMM Snacks.....

The second piece I made today was from Indie Tutes and is for a Peasant Blouse. This too was a well laid out tutorial with simple steps to follow.  The only change I made was to do a standard hem on the sleeves instead of making and elastic casing (I ran out of elastic 😦 ) Despite that I think it turned out pretty good!

Peasant shirt


And here we are mad because mommy made us change clothes


and.... we have snacks again so we're good......

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