Because at 120 lbs I Can That’s Why :)

So as I have stated in previous post I have been losing weight. This week I hit my weight loss goal of 46 lbs. So now I can proudly say that I weigh 120 lbs!!!!! Yay me. It’s been tough. Trust me there were days that I wanted to eat someones face off due to irritability from lack of food and having to run my ass off literally. However, it’s been totally worth it šŸ™‚ I am still running and eating healthy to maintain my weight, but it is nice to know I have some fudge room when holidays and birthdays come around. Since I have lost all this weight none of my clothes fit me. Also, I am still on my sewing kick. Thus, I have been trying to make some new stuff for myself out of left over fabric or out of the clothes that are too big.

This is the halter top I made from left over fabric:

This tutorial was from The Sewing Dork

I am fully aware of my dorkiness 8)


Also aware that I have no boobs šŸ˜¦


yes that is a crab on my sholder

The next is an old t-shirt that I refurbished into a halter top:

the tutorial for this one is on

The last one is a skirt made from a pair of pant that someone gave to me. They wound up being too big in the waist and also the legs were ridiculouslyĀ wide. So I cut the legs off at about 1 inch about the knee. Then iĀ ripped open one seam on each. Then I cut out a square based onĀ  my measurements (for example if your waist is 36″ then cut yours 19″ in width-Ā that’s your width/2 plus 1″ seam allowance.) Then cut the square to the desired length (for example if you want a skirt that is 20″ then cut it 23″- 2″ is in for the elastic casing and 1′ is for them hem.) Once you have everything cut you are going to sewĀ it all together. First, place the two squares right sides togetherĀ and sew up both seams. Then sew your hem. Then your elastic casingĀ (make sure you leave an inch of this unsewn so you can thread your elastic.) Thread your elastic and then sew up the remaining inch of the casing. Then you’re done!


I have no idea why I am doing this pose other than maybe to show you how the skirt moves......

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One response to “Because at 120 lbs I Can That’s Why :)

  1. Mel

    Great job! šŸ™‚

    I need to lose about 25 pounds. It is more difficult as i get lazier. šŸ˜¦

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