Look Who Turned Two!

Yup. That’s right, my sweet little Stinkerbell turned 2 yesterday! I was a bit sad when I woke up in the morning but I slowly came to grips with it as the day progressed. I started to notice just how much of a big girl she has become. Little things like wanted to zip up her own coat and put on her own shoes, or chew her own food….. Just kidding that’s totally disgusting. Anyways, she had a great day. We started it off by taking a cake to the NICU where she spent the first 5 weeks of life. Then we went over to her daddy’s office where she literally ran all over the place. Then she came home for lunch and a nap. Then she woke up to this:

Plus some other stuff. She was so excited. She flipping loves Dora. She calls Dora “Boots.” I keep telling her that Boots is the monkey but she doesn’t listen. Typical daughter….. Anyways, since she LOVES Dora I made her a homemade Dora cake. Mostly because my husband has been making me stick to this thing called a budget and thus a bakery made creation of AWESOMENESS was out of the question. So, I made this:

It actually looks like Dora.....

So proud of myself!I was so proud of how this turned out! After the German Chocolate Cake disaster of 2009 and the cheesecake episode of 2008 I had sworn off all baking. Also, now I am going to have to do this every year because I have proven to Hubby that my cakes are apparently pleasant to the eye AND the taste buds (thanks Pillsbury you totally rock :)) Which brings me to mention The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (who are neither real or actual housewives.) While sewing for the little one the other day, in between doing loads of laundry and the dishes, I happened across the reunion episode of this show. That is where I heard that the one lady, I have no clue what her name is, spent something like $40,000 on her 4 years old birthday party! WTF????? That is more than my parent’s spend on all of mine and my sisters’ birthdays combined from ages 0-14 (after 14 we didn’t have parties anymore.) So, who the fudge spends that much on a birthday party? For a 4-year-old none the less! Then, that made me even more proud of my Dora cake because while it isn’t perfect and it didn’t cost umpteen hundred-dollars it was made with lots of love and I could tell she LOVED it too!


See- That's a face that LOVES Dora Cake!

 And here are some more party pics!


She is currently obsessed with headbands..... and Dora


and coloring......


Partying with her BFF Sammy

The party was pretty wild and full of sugar. At some point this happened and then it was all a sugar filled black out from there on:

Rosy was partying pretty hard. She's naked and on a bus.....

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