My Serger and I are Friends Again

A few months ago a close family friend of ours gave me one of her Sergers that she never uses. I was beyond thrilled as it’s an Elna Pro 905 (at least $1500 machine!) The only catch was that I had to have it serviced. When I took it in to have it serviced it turned out that it was in BAD shape. I had them send it off to Janome to have it fixed. It wound up costing around $350 to fix. I didn’t complain though, because honestly that is still a steal. Anyways, I finally got it back in January and quickly realized why she never used that particular Serger. It is a PAIN to thread! Once I got it threaded the thread kept breaking or I would screw up what I was trying to make some how. So I got mad at the Serger, vowed NEVER to use it again, and stuck it way back in the back of my closet shuttering every time I saw it. I was overwhelmed. There were so many stitches and threads and what nots that this machine could do that I just couldn’t handle it at the moment.

Fast forward to today. I decided that I wanted to make Stinkerbell another pair of shorts like I had done before in this post. Only I wanted a rolled hem instead. Thus, the Serger entered the picture. I pumped myself up for it saying that I would not be scared to simply try a 5 thread stitch. So I did it. I cut out my fabric, I threaded my beast of a Serger, and I went at it with fiercness.  I was SO excited because it went so smooth. The thread didn’t break (until close to the end- so I was all “Oh no you didn’t! I WILL finish the Serging part on the Serger!”) and I got the shorts made. Rolled Hem and all!

This pattern was purchased at So Tei Tei’s Etsy Shop (I just did them hem around the bottom a little different) Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this pattern. Super simple and fast!

Summer Shorts

Rolled Hem

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