Skinned knees, Mud, Dresses, the Crud, and more

So last week was pretty busy around our house. Stinkerbell went to see the Disney Princesses at our local library. She was fine at first. Then she was not at all interested in standing/sitting anywhere near them for photo ops. So I only got one picture and well, it’s not that great. Also, I can’t find it on the computer right now so I’ll have to post it later. When we got home she fell in the driveway and skinned her knee. Poor girl boo hooed like mad. It was our first skinned knee. I think she cried more than when she knocked her tooth out

 Anyways, I did manage to make Stinkerbell a new shirt and a new  dress. The shirt is the Farmland Blouse from Babes of Sweet. I love all of her patterns that I have purchased so far. They are definitely beginner friendly, filled with photos showing and detailing each step, and well, just plain adorable. Here is how mine turned out:


Is it weird that my kid loves Quakes Mini delights?


I also made her a new dress from a pattern that I purchased from Carolina Fair Designs. It turned out okay, but I think I’ll just line the next one instead of using bias tape. Or maybe I’ll just suck it up and use bias tape. I can only get better at it by practicing. Who knows. I guess we’ll see. It’s a very simple dress to make, less the bias tape. Here is how mine turned out. Stinkerbell refused to model it so…. Just ignore the yucky ironing board it’s on. I totally need to recover that thing….

pinafore front


pinafore back


In addition to my sewing we did manage to squeeze in some backyard fun. The weather was so nice and I couldn’t resist the urge to take her out there. All week long she and I spent hours outside soaking up the warm sun and playing in the mud.

and Squeeeeeeeeeeeze

I am fully aware she doesn't match. I just give her options people. She picks out the final look......

I guess since we had so much outside fun last week we were due to be stuck inside with the crud this week. I had to take stinkerbell to the doctor on Tuesday as she spent all of Sunday night and Monday coughing. I thought it was Croup again but turns out it’s just a seriously nasty cold. However, if it turns into Croup, then she will have to go see an ENT since that will be the third time in less  than six months. I guess they just want to rule out some underlying condition they might be missing. I’m hoping she’s predisposed due to being a preemie. So this week she has spent most of her time curled up on her daddy’s quilt on the floor with all her favorite things around her (which lovingly include me :))
poor pititful princess

Poor Pitiful Princess


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