Holy Hair Batman

holy hair batman

I’m not sure where she gets the curls from but I totally love it! Every morning her hair pretty much looks like this. I have started to brush it back into a little Shiz Tsu (sp?) looking ponytail with bangs. The other morning she woke up sick so I didn’t want to bother her by putting her hair up. She then asked me to. I’m all what????? You WANT me to put your hair up. For the longest time I couldn’t get her to keep a ponytail in her hair or a bow for that matter. Now, she WANTS me to put them in!!!!! I am totally going to have to learn how to make some cute bows now…. Maybe some like this. I can totally see my little punk rockerette in something like that. Or maybe, I’ll go a little more subtle and sweet with something like this.  Who knows…. I’m just glad we finally have enough hair to do something with!

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