Hooded Beach Towel/Backpack

Last year we took a family trip to the beach. It was awesome except the whole my hands are full of so much crap and you want me to carry back how many stupid sea shells? Thus, when hubby approached me about this years trip to the beach I thought to think ahead! This year Stinkerbell will be big enough to carry some of her own stuff down to the beach and we probably wont need the big gate thingy that we used last year…….

Kid you not we were the envy of all parents near and far 🙂 She had plenty of room to play and yet couldn't run off!

Anyways, while perusing the internet for ideas of what we can do to make beach trips a little more mom friendly I came across this gem: The Train To Crazy. After reading through several post I decided this blog totally rocks and that I am definitely going to add it to my reader. I also came across this post for a Hooded Beach Towel Backpack. Be forewarned, when doing this project you probably will break a needle. However, I still spent less than $10 making one for my Stinkerbell. I made her’s the same color as Dora’s backpack since that is all the rage in our house right now. Only she calls Dora “Boots” and I can’t get her to understand that “Boots” is the Monkey…. But anyways. She loved and played with it all day when I gave it to her. I couldn’t get a pick of her playing with it due to my camera battery dying and my Iphone doesn’t do action shots. Which is pretty much all Stinkerbell does…… Here’s the finished product.

There is even an extra pocket in the pocket for her to put her sea shells in! Now, go run to Wal-mart and get started on one of your own. You know you want to!

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