A Trait She Gets from Her Mother

Stinkerbell has always been delightfully entertained by the act of cleaning. Once she was able to walk she would take wipes and “clean” the walls, stereo, couch, whatever she could reach. She would spend hours pretending to clean and giggling about it. Now she even says, “Mommy clean?” “Me CLEAN!” It’s way too cute. I”m pretty sure she learned this from me. I tend to dance and sing as I clean around the house, thus, she is also doing those things when she is “cleaning.” I have to say it DOES making house hold chores a bit more tolerable. I am totally going to soak it up while I can. Lord knows it won’t be long before she is telling me I am the meanest mommy in the world for making her clean her room.
lc vacuum 1

Can you do Mommy's room next?


I guess at this stage of development they are all about imitation. She imitates most everything that I do. I LOVE it! I find it cute when she tries to “crochet” or when she is playing mommy to her baby dolls (each of which has its own name…..) Today she set “Bea” up in her booster seat., strapped her in, brought play food over, and pretended to feed her. All while saying “Bea eat.” “No no no, eat!” It was way cute and I ate every minute of its sweetness up!

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