Potty Training and an IPad

Potty Training has definitely begun in our house. I downloaded the IPad app called Igo Potty. It goes off every two hours (or how ever often you set it to) to remind you to take the little one to the bath room. Then if they go potty then they get a sticker. Once they reach 9 stickers it unlocks a game. I got the app about a month ago. Initially Stink showed a great interest in going potty. Really all she did was sit on the potty but nothing else. I’m sure this is awful of me but I totally bribe her with playing on the IPad in order to get her to sit on the potty. After a week of going every two hours (but no actual potties) she waned in interest. So, I didn’t push it with her. Then this week she was moved up a class at Mother’s Day Out. Now, she is all about the potty again! This week she has defiantly improved! She actually told me the other day that she had to “go potty” and then actually went! Here is where the problem lies…… Earlier in the week when she had a complete melt down about the potty I may have eaten all of the M&M’s…….. The only thing I had to give her as a reward was this:

I hope she doesn't expect ice cream every time.....

As I said before I’m sure there are some of you out there that think it’s awful to let my child play with my IPad while sitting on the potty. However, I’m all about whatever works! Hope you all out there have success in potty training your little one no matter what route you choose.

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