Pillows for my Sister

The other day my older sister called and asked if I could sew her some pillows for a couch that is going to be in her new store. I told her I’d be happy to but that since she lives two hours away she would need to somehow get fabric to me (I would just go get it myself except that I wasn’t sure what she would like- she’s a waffler…) Anyways, our mother helped her pick out fabric and she brought it down to me. Thanks to my Serger I had all 6 pillows done in less than 2 hours (including cutting and toddler boo boo times :)) I’ve only made two pillows in my life and they weren’t that hard to do. I followed the same pattern for these pillows only adjusting the size since she had three different sizes. Here’s how they turned out:

Simple Envelope Style

Here is how I made these:
for the 18 X 18 pillow
I cut 1 piece of Yellow fabric 18″x18″ and 2 piece of Striped 18″ (wide) x11″(Long)
I folded one edge of each of the striped pieces down and sewed a straight hem (make sure it’s one of the 18″ sides)
I then pinned one striped piece and to the yellow piece, right sides facing. Then repeated with the second striped piece on the opposite side. You should end up with the hemmed ends in the middle overlapping each other some (*You WANT them to overlap.)
Then, if you are using a Serger, Serge each side. That’s it!
If you are using a sewing machine straight stitch each side and then finish your seams with a zig zag stitch.
Sorry I don’t have photo’s to accompany.
For the 16″x16″ and 14″x14″ instead of cutting a yellow piece 18″x18″ you cut it 16″x16″ or 14″x14″
for the two striped pieces on the 16″x16″ pillow cut two 16″x10″
for the 14″x14″ cut two 14″x9″

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