I Set a New PR and kicked Colon Cancers Booty! :)

This past weekend I participated in the Rumpshaker 5k to bring awareness to Colon Cancer. There was over 2500 runners that participated. I placed 354 overall and finished in 27 min and 6 secs! That’s a new PR for me đŸ™‚ i wasn’t sure how I’d do haing started Bootcamp last week and being sore, but I think Bootcamp might be what help me. I’m not sure but maybe I built supporting muscles up some. Who knows. My friend Melanie ran with me and finished in 33 mins (a nee PR for her too!)
Next weekend we are going to run a 5k for Easter Seals! Hope I do as well as I did last weekend. I love that 5k’s are picking up again. It keeps me motivated to exercise. What keeps you motivated?



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