Swifter vs Swiffer


Mom: Hey do you have one of those Swifters?
Me: “um….. You mean a Swiffer?” (confused look on face)
Mom: “Nooooooo…. A Swifter.” (said with confidence)
Me: “is it green with a changable pad?”
Mom: “Yeah, a Swifter.”
Me: “That’s a Swiffer…..”
Mom: “Well, MINE is a Swifter!”
Me “Oh did you get a generic one?” (so confused at tnis point)
Mom: “no. It’s the name brand one.”
Me: “Mom, it’s called a Swiffer.”
Mom: “Google it.” (this is her answer to everything)
Me: “Fine” i google it and show her it’s called a Swiifer.
Mom: “well, that can’t be right!”
Me: Shaking my head and laughing

Oh mom, you’re visits are always entertaining 🙂

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