I’ve Only Cried Like 20 Times…..

So this weekend we had big changes in our house! Stink moved to a toddler bed. This was due to me looking at the video monitor and seeing her teetering on the railing of her crib before she decided that it wasn’t a good idea and retreated back to the safe confines of her crib. While we were lucky that time, I know my kid, we weren’t going to be so lucky later on. I decided against completely redoing the room as I hope to sell this house and move soon. So, as a result there is some mismatching going on. Also, the bed set was a free hand-me-down from a friend. Free always trumps design in our house thanks to the always frugal hubby…. Another reason why I can’t wait to move! (I can redecorate her room!)

The bedding we got has owls on it. I attempted to make her a new Owl pillow to go with it (more on that later this week). It didn’t turn out so great but she loved it anyways! Which totally made me feel better!

Without further ado here is Stink and her new bed!

Big Girl Bed!


She really does love it despite her face in this pic. She was mad that I moved her blanket out from infront of her face.


Night one went really well. She and I read books for 30 min (Dr. Seuss!) Then it was lights out. She stayed in the bed without getting out one time. The going to bed part wasn’t what I was really concerned about. It was the morning part where she usually wakes up in the middle of my 6 mile run. I put some toys in her room so that she would have something to distract her while I finished running. However, she totally proved me wrong. She laid there patiently until I came to get her. Actually she looked at the video monitor and informed me that she “Want(s) to eat! ” I hope, fingers crossed, every night goes this way. We’ll see if our first nap in the big girl bed goes as smooth…..


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  1. do you know of any android app which will update me everytime you do a new post?

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