Sometimes I Find a GREAT Bargain!

Like when the other day I found this fabric in the remnants bin on clearance. There was 7/8ths of a yard (which I found odd for it to be a remnant but what do I know…..) Anyways, it was almost an entire yard or really cute fabric for $3! So, of course I snatched it up thinking I can totally make Stink a shirt or dress out of it.  Today I made her a drawstring top (aka a pillow case dress shortened to a shirt length)

All you do is cut out two main pieces with arm holes. Sew casings at the top of each main piece. Sew your side seams together. Sew your arm hole seams. Last, sew a hem. So easy.  I used the Chloe pattern found at Sew Sweet Patterns. The only problem that I have with this pattern is that for some reason the front pattern piece doesn’t print out the very bottom part. However, for even a beginner sewer it is easy to figure out what it should be. I made it shirt length for my Stink because I happen to think it’s cute that way 🙂 This dress/shirt literally takes 30 minutes to do. It is very simple and I have received umpteen million compliments on the previous ones that I have done for Stink (as in many friends are now requesting I make some for their girls!) Anyways here is my final product! Can’t wait to show Stink!

Don't you just love these "bursting" polk-a-dots!


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