Busy Busy Busy

Wow it’s been a crazy busy week. Monday involved two house showings, unfortunately no offers, tuesday, met with the financial manager peeps. Wednesday, spent the day with my good friend and her kids. Stink and her BFF Samster played while Livy-love crawled all over the place! I can’t believe she is almost walking and can say a few words! She is such a big girl already! Stink had a BLAST with Samster. She just adores him. While there I walked Carrie through a romper like this one

20110421-063648.jpg (this is the one I made for Stink. Pattern is from Sew Sweet Patterns off Etsy.)

However, it didn’t turn out so well as my retarded self pinned the romper bottoms on sideways 😦 so we wound up making it a skirt instead. Then I helped her fix the yoke on what is going to be an adorable shirt/pants outfit for Livy-love!
It felt GREAT to be able to teach her some tips and tricks, even if it didn’t turn out perfect. We’ve decided to make this a weekly thing!
At some point this week I plan on attempting a pleated skirt for Stink, but we’ll have to see. I still have to finish up a Newsboy Hat for Michelle and this weekend is Easter o LOTS of family time!

Stink and her main Squeeze Samster

Livy-love and Samster

Stink decided Livy-love needed a necklace

Who wouldn’t want to smooch all over that pretty face!!!!

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