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Sorry I’ve been absent!

So let me apologize for the MAJOR lax in posts but with the house being on the market and me basically having to follow a 2 year old around with dust pan and broom it just hasn’t been practical. However, since the last post there have been huge changes in this house:
1. Stink is POTTY TRAINED. yeah. You heard me, POTTY TRAINED! I promise I only cried for the entire 4 DAYS it took. Yeah, you heard me 4 D.A.Y.S! WTF???? I am so screwed on the next kid. She doesn’t even use pull ups. Way screwed!


2. We sold the house! So, now we are going to go get our new house. Which means…… Yay home projects! I’m thinking CURTAINS 🙂


3. last, I’ve continued with bi-weekly bootcamps. I love it. If you are looking for something new & different then you should try it. Even Stink loves it!

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How to Burn More Calories on Your Run |

Just read this. Definitely going to try this!

How to Burn More Calories on Your Run |

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I Set a New PR and kicked Colon Cancers Booty! :)

This past weekend I participated in the Rumpshaker 5k to bring awareness to Colon Cancer. There was over 2500 runners that participated. I placed 354 overall and finished in 27 min and 6 secs! That’s a new PR for me 🙂 i wasn’t sure how I’d do haing started Bootcamp last week and being sore, but I think Bootcamp might be what help me. I’m not sure but maybe I built supporting muscles up some. Who knows. My friend Melanie ran with me and finished in 33 mins (a nee PR for her too!)
Next weekend we are going to run a 5k for Easter Seals! Hope I do as well as I did last weekend. I love that 5k’s are picking up again. It keeps me motivated to exercise. What keeps you motivated?



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Wow I am Sore and Crafty!

So yesterday I started my two free weeks of Better Body Boot Camp. I was really excited to try something new and challenge myself. I had so much fun doing it. Way more than I thought I would. I really enjoyed that it was outside and in a group of women similar in fitness level to me. We did stuff like suicides (which I have not done since college!), push ups, wall squats, etc. It even incorporated a touch of yoga (a pleasant surprise!) I have three more sessions (it’s only two days a week) left and I’m looking forward to all of them. I will say that I am SUPER sore! I worked muscles that I haven’t in a long time. Which is good since that’s what I was looking to do. Since I’m so sore today I am not going to do my usual 6 mile run and am going to take Stink for a long walk around the neighborhood. The weather should be decent enough (supposed to be a bit windy.) Anyways, while my muscles recover today I will be finishing up a knitting order from a local photographer (photography by Michelle.) Here is where I’m at on it. See if you can guess what it’s going to be!

Is it a hat? diaper cover? stork sling?

egg/pod? basket? purse?


As soon as it’s done I’ll post pics and let you know what it is if you haven’t already guessed!

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I Actually Won! Or Close Enough :)

When I saw that this was my number I knew only good things could happen! Who doesn't love them some 311 🙂

You might recall that the other day I posted about how I was going to run a 5k to raise awareness for the prevention of child abuse. Prior to being a mommy I was a social worker, so it’s a subject near and dear to my heart. Anyways, not only did I set a new personal record (28:08) but I came in 1st in my age group (30-39) and 16th overall (I think there was about 70 runners.) I won a gift certificate for a free pedicure. Most of you are probably like “Oh a pedicure, whoopee….” But when I became a SAHM pedicures went out the window in order to maintain the budget. Thus, this prize equals AWESOME! Also, the other day my older sister who is notorious for not giving a crap about appearances (that’s a whole different story to get into) actually made a comment on my need to do something with my toes….. So yeah… It’s a MUCH needed prize. I can’t wait to use it!

My feet are SOOOOOO going to love this!


Yay me!!!! I am STILL so excited about this!


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How I Plan on Torturing Myself in the next few months

So the other day I was at a bazaar held by a local church. I was there to sell some goods for Relay for Life. Other members of my Relay for Life team were having a silent auction. They had some really awesome items up for bid. I bid on two items. First an Auburn National Champions football (for Hubby :)) and second two free weeks of Better Body Bootcamp. As you know back in August 2010 I started running to lose weight. I started out training for a 5k using the Couch to 5k program. Once I was done with that I moved on to the Bridge to 10k (6.1 miles) to keep myself motivated and to maintain my weight loss. When I saw the bootcamp item I thought it would be a neat and new challenge. I am currently waiting for the lady it told me to call to call me back and set it up. Hopefully I won’t kill myself! I have two 5k’s coming up and I’d like to be able to complete them without being in pain! I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes.

What was I thinking???????

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