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Sorry I’ve been absent!

So let me apologize for the MAJOR lax in posts but with the house being on the market and me basically having to follow a 2 year old around with dust pan and broom it just hasn’t been practical. However, since the last post there have been huge changes in this house:
1. Stink is POTTY TRAINED. yeah. You heard me, POTTY TRAINED! I promise I only cried for the entire 4 DAYS it took. Yeah, you heard me 4 D.A.Y.S! WTF???? I am so screwed on the next kid. She doesn’t even use pull ups. Way screwed!


2. We sold the house! So, now we are going to go get our new house. Which means…… Yay home projects! I’m thinking CURTAINS ūüôā


3. last, I’ve continued with bi-weekly bootcamps. I love it. If you are looking for something new & different then you should try it. Even Stink loves it!

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A Busy Easter Weekend

Sorry for the lapse in posts. It was a crazy busy week last week and this weekend was just as busy! It started Friday with getting the house ready just in case someone wanted to come look at it (who does that on Easter?- Whatev, hubby insisted.) Then once I got the house together it was time to head to the in-laws for Easter Weekend. My mother in law and I had all kinds of things planned. We HAD to make the banner for our Relay for Life team so that was first on the list. For some reason she was thinking we could use these two napkins she had to make the banner????? Yeah…. not so much. So we headed to Hobby Lobby and picked up some Canvas and Iron on Letters. We decided to work on the banner Saturday. We decided¬†that our banner would have not just the team name but iron on appliques¬†of all of the cancer color ribbons. So I traced all a ribbon in each color (using disappearing ink or tailors chalk-¬†depending on the color) and we cut them out. We also cut out double sided¬†adhesive. We had an embroidered¬†purple ribbon from the quilt my mother in law made so we made that the focal point of our banner. We then decided that the banner needed some more pizzazz¬†and headed back to Hobby Lobby for some blanket binding to put around¬†the edge of the banner and a car that we could applique¬†since our team name is The Pit Crew. Anyways, during that trip I picked up other craft stuffs that I wound up doing as well. Once we got home I sewed the blanket binding around the edge. I did my best to mitre the corners but honestly it wasn’t great…. Oh well, no one will see it on a galloping horse! No, there are no horses involved, it’s just a saying. Anyways, once the binding was on we appliqued all the lettering, ribbons, and the car. Here is the final product:

Relay for Life Banner!

 I think it turned out pretty great. I have to give my mother in law credit for the end result as it was her vision. I just helped to execute it.

¬†We also made Rice Krispy Eggs with M&M’s in the middle:

Make just like regular rice krispies and shape them into eggs!

 And of course Stink dyed Easter Eggs for the first time!


Stink LOVED dying the eggs! We all had colored hands afterwards though......

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Sometimes I Find a GREAT Bargain!

Like when the other day I found this fabric in the remnants bin¬†on clearance. There was 7/8ths¬†of a yard (which I found odd for it to be a remnant but what do I know…..) Anyways, it was almost an entire yard or really cute fabric for $3! So, of course I snatched it up thinking I can totally make Stink a shirt or dress out of it.¬† Today I made her a drawstring¬†top (aka a pillow case dress shortened to a shirt length)

All you do is cut out two main pieces¬†with arm holes. Sew casings at the top of each main piece. Sew your side seams¬†together. Sew your arm hole seams. Last, sew a hem. So easy.¬† I used the Chloe pattern found at Sew Sweet Patterns. The only problem that I have with this pattern is that for some reason the front pattern piece¬†doesn’t print out the very bottom part. However, for even a beginner sewer it is easy to figure out what it should be. I made it shirt length for my Stink because I happen to think it’s cute that way ūüôā This dress/shirt literally takes 30 minutes to do. It is very simple and I have received umpteen million compliments on the previous ones that I have done for Stink (as in many friends are now requesting I make some for their girls!) Anyways here is my final product! Can’t wait to show Stink!

Don't you just love these "bursting" polk-a-dots!


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I’ve Only Cried Like 20 Times…..

So this weekend we had big changes in our house! Stink moved to a toddler bed. This was due to me looking at the video monitor and seeing her teetering on the railing of her crib before she decided that it wasn’t a good idea and retreated back to the safe confines of her crib. While we were lucky that time, I know my kid, we weren’t going to be so lucky later on. I decided against completely redoing the room as I hope to sell this house and move soon. So, as a result there is some mismatching going on. Also, the bed set was a free hand-me-down from a friend. Free always trumps design in our house thanks to the always frugal hubby…. Another reason why I can’t wait to move! (I can redecorate her room!)

The bedding we got has owls on it. I attempted to make her a new Owl pillow to go with it (more on that later this week). It didn’t turn out so great but she loved it anyways! Which totally made me feel better!

Without further ado here is Stink and her new bed!

Big Girl Bed!


She really does love it despite her face in this pic. She was mad that I moved her blanket out from infront of her face.


Night one went really well. She and I read books for 30 min (Dr. Seuss!) Then it was lights out. She stayed in the bed without getting out one time. The going to bed part wasn’t what I was really concerned about. It was the morning part where she usually wakes up in the middle of my 6 mile run. I put some toys in her room so that she would have something to distract her while I finished running. However, she totally proved me wrong. She laid there patiently until I came to get her. Actually she looked at the video monitor and informed me that she “Want(s) to eat! ” I hope, fingers crossed, every night goes this way. We’ll see if our first nap in the big girl bed goes as smooth…..


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Friday’s Five Things I Learned at the Zoo Today

My little Lioness! RAWR


Today I decided to take Stink to the Zoo because quite frankly this morning I¬†cleaned the house and wanted it to stay that way for at least 30 minutes. Once I said the words “bye bye” we couldn’t get out the door fast enough for Stink. Stink LOVES going to the Zoo so we have a membership and thus we don’t have to pay every time we go. TOtally worth it since during the warmer seasons we go at minimum once a week. In addition to this our membership¬†allows for discounts at various other Zoos across the nation. Sweet! Anyways, today’s trip to the Zoo was quite the adventure. It was the first time I really let Stink walk instead¬†of being in the stroller. She did okay for a while but then didn’t want to hold my hand so I made her get in the stroller. She loved seeing all the animals. This trip, unlike all the previous ones, she was able to say what the animal was and make the appropriate sounds associated with them. What a smart cookie I have! Here is what I learned at the zoo today:
1) Friday’s are field trip days. It was PACKED!

2) Not all animals are caged at the zoo. Some visit while on field trips with their school…….

3) Some people just shouldn’t be allowed in public with children because their children act better than they do.

4) My child weighs less than a Giraffe heart.

The average Giraffe heart weighs 25 lbs. Stink weighs 24- on a good day......

5) I’m pretty sure no matter where we go Stink will always want “STICKIES!”

Currently we LOVE Giffs (pronounced Jeffs) as she calls them

Here are some other pics from the day:

These guys were very vocal today! Stink didn't know what to think ūüôā

She loves the MaCaws at the entrance!


This guy is my fave! He's usually hiding but today he was out and showing off!


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Easy Easter Basket

I am an avid reader of craft blogs. They are freaking AWESOME and generally provide me with great inspiration. One of the blogs that I love to read is called Fireflies and Jellybeans.

¬†It has some seriously cute and budget friendly craft ideas. Such Ideas include The $3 Plush Easter Backpack. When I was reading this I knew I had to put it on my “Must Make for Stink” list. It’s a super cute idea that cost little to do and takes barely any time.

Mine didn’t quite only cost $3 but I only spent $5 and that’s because I didn’t have matching ribbon already at home.

Here is how I did mine, but above is the link to how she did hers (which is probably a better tutorial as I don’t have pics of the steps ūüė¶ )


1 stuffed bunny (0r animal of your choice)- $1

2 bandanas (on sale at Walmart)- $1 each

ribbon- $2

Liquid Stitch- already owned

Sewing materials

Step one:  Fold one of the bandanas in half once and then fold it in half the opposite way a second time.  Sew casings on both ends of the bandana.

Step 2: fold the bandana in half again and sew the side seams up from the bottom to just under where you sewed your casings.

Step 3: Take the second bandana and cut 6 one inch strips out of it. Sew two strips together creating a 3 long strips total.  Braid these three strips together.

Step 4: Sew ribbons onto the back pack to make straps

Step 5: Put Liquid Stitch onto the stuffed animal and the place the back pack onto the animal. Then handstitch the backpack on to reinforce it.

Step 6: Allow to dry and you are done!

Due to a lack of pics I tried to break it down as simple as I could. It’s not a difficult craft to do and I am willing to bet your little one will LOVE it! What kid doesn’t like a stuffed animal backpack?????






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Warhol Dress Variation

Recently my husband went through his closet and purged some of his clothes. He actual wound up purging a TON of his clothes. He does this every 5 years or so. He’s not much of a shopper so he tends to wear the same thing year after year….. Anyways,¬† I went through the bags and pulled some of the shirts out to refashion into clothes for Stink. One of the shirts that he was getting rid of was his “Mighty Mighty¬†Bosstones” shirt (a band we both love and his FAVORITE shirt!) ¬†He had this shirt since college where we met 10 year ago (if that tells you anything about how long he holds on to things!) Usually I am the one telling him to purge purge purge but I couldn’t send¬†this shirt out the door yet. It had to many memories for me. I decided that I would keep the shirt in my refashion pile until I found something to do with it.¬† I began perusing the internet for inspiration and that is when I stumbled across this tutorial for The Warhol Dress. In my version I just skipped the part with the Freezer paper and fabric paint since my shirt had a pre-printed design on it. Also, instead of using the pre-existing hem on the bottom I cut my pattern pieces out to incorporate the pre-existing design and then¬†used my Serger to put a rolled hem around the bottom. Here is the end result!





She wouldn't let me take a pic from the front but that's okay because on this dress the back is where it's at!


Hubby loved the dress and that fact that his mini me was the one wearing! I posted a pic on Facebook¬†and all of our old college buddies posted comments on how they remembered that shirt! (That is how often he wore it :O) It’s a bit big for her right now as the closest size on the pattern for her was a 3t, but that just gives us more time to wear it. Also, I made the shoulder loop too big and had to cut it. I’ll have to fix that later but for now I just tied it and sent her off.

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