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A Busy Easter Weekend

Sorry for the lapse in posts. It was a crazy busy week last week and this weekend was just as busy! It started Friday with getting the house ready just in case someone wanted to come look at it (who does that on Easter?- Whatev, hubby insisted.) Then once I got the house together it was time to head to the in-laws for Easter Weekend. My mother in law and I had all kinds of things planned. We HAD to make the banner for our Relay for Life team so that was first on the list. For some reason she was thinking we could use these two napkins she had to make the banner????? Yeah…. not so much. So we headed to Hobby Lobby and picked up some Canvas and Iron on Letters. We decided to work on the banner Saturday. We decided that our banner would have not just the team name but iron on appliques of all of the cancer color ribbons. So I traced all a ribbon in each color (using disappearing ink or tailors chalk- depending on the color) and we cut them out. We also cut out double sided adhesive. We had an embroidered purple ribbon from the quilt my mother in law made so we made that the focal point of our banner. We then decided that the banner needed some more pizzazz and headed back to Hobby Lobby for some blanket binding to put around the edge of the banner and a car that we could applique since our team name is The Pit Crew. Anyways, during that trip I picked up other craft stuffs that I wound up doing as well. Once we got home I sewed the blanket binding around the edge. I did my best to mitre the corners but honestly it wasn’t great…. Oh well, no one will see it on a galloping horse! No, there are no horses involved, it’s just a saying. Anyways, once the binding was on we appliqued all the lettering, ribbons, and the car. Here is the final product:

Relay for Life Banner!

 I think it turned out pretty great. I have to give my mother in law credit for the end result as it was her vision. I just helped to execute it.

 We also made Rice Krispy Eggs with M&M’s in the middle:

Make just like regular rice krispies and shape them into eggs!

 And of course Stink dyed Easter Eggs for the first time!


Stink LOVED dying the eggs! We all had colored hands afterwards though......

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Easy Easter Basket

I am an avid reader of craft blogs. They are freaking AWESOME and generally provide me with great inspiration. One of the blogs that I love to read is called Fireflies and Jellybeans.

 It has some seriously cute and budget friendly craft ideas. Such Ideas include The $3 Plush Easter Backpack. When I was reading this I knew I had to put it on my “Must Make for Stink” list. It’s a super cute idea that cost little to do and takes barely any time.

Mine didn’t quite only cost $3 but I only spent $5 and that’s because I didn’t have matching ribbon already at home.

Here is how I did mine, but above is the link to how she did hers (which is probably a better tutorial as I don’t have pics of the steps 😦 )


1 stuffed bunny (0r animal of your choice)- $1

2 bandanas (on sale at Walmart)- $1 each

ribbon- $2

Liquid Stitch- already owned

Sewing materials

Step one:  Fold one of the bandanas in half once and then fold it in half the opposite way a second time.  Sew casings on both ends of the bandana.

Step 2: fold the bandana in half again and sew the side seams up from the bottom to just under where you sewed your casings.

Step 3: Take the second bandana and cut 6 one inch strips out of it. Sew two strips together creating a 3 long strips total.  Braid these three strips together.

Step 4: Sew ribbons onto the back pack to make straps

Step 5: Put Liquid Stitch onto the stuffed animal and the place the back pack onto the animal. Then handstitch the backpack on to reinforce it.

Step 6: Allow to dry and you are done!

Due to a lack of pics I tried to break it down as simple as I could. It’s not a difficult craft to do and I am willing to bet your little one will LOVE it! What kid doesn’t like a stuffed animal backpack?????






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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day from my house to your’s! I hope that each of you feels the love today. Even if you are not spending it with a significant other remember that Valentine’s Day can be about loving YOURSELF! Plus, there is always God. He loves you no matter what and he NEVER leaves your side!


One of my 2 Valentines!

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Happy New Year!

Well another year has come and gone. 2010 was a great year for my family. Hopefully yours was too. So what did my wild and crazy family do to ring in the new year. Well, hold your hats for this one. The little one went to bed at 8 as usual. Then the hubby and I watched a movie (The Hangover)- so stupid it was funny. Then at approximately 11:51pm I fell asleep. Yup. Way to go me! I was trying so hard to make it and was soooooooo close. Now, you may think “ha ha ha she got drunk and passed out before midnight.” Sadly there was no alcohol involved in my snooze fest. It was the CVS brand of Nyquil that knocked me out because only I would have a sinus infection/cold from hell on New Years Eve. I took the medicine at 11:30 pm thinkink it wouldn’t kick in until after midnigt. I was mistaken. Apparently the liquid stuff works waaaaaaaaaay faster than the pills. Thankfully my wonderful hubby woke me up at 11:59 pm to make sure I was awake (thanks for looking out for me dear!) Once midnight hit I got my New Years kiss from the hubby (on the forehead because apparently the tissue shoved into both my nostrils blocked the path to my lips- and he was attempting to avoid cross-contamination) I curled up in my bed and went back to sleep. Craziness abounds here. I’m telling you we are way too WILD in our house…. All in all I can’t complain. I got to spend New Years with my two favorite peeps.
Hope 2011 brings you and yours many blessings!


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Bye Bye Ho Ho

So Christmas has come and gone in our house. Stinkerbell now calls Santa “Ho Ho” & says “Bye Bye Ho Ho” when she sees him on tv. As usual Stinkerbell was spoiled rotten with toys and attention. This means I’ll spend the next week picking up toys and fending off attempts from Stink to have my undivided attention. Stink got a rocking horse that she is LOVING. She also got an art desk, play kitchen and art easel. She got tons of clothes which she will most likely outgrow by next month. Playdough has also infiltrated our house. Today she decided to cook her play dough and new barbie in her play oven. Guess she was making something special…. Poor Generic Barbie. Anyways we had a great Christmas here (except when I dropped a stupid chair on my foot!) Hope your family had a great one too!

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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

To get away from the giant colored eggs it just layed!


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Easter with Nuthead

Nuthead had a GREAT Easter Sunday. First she woke up at the butt crack of dawn because apparently she thought we were going to the Sunrise Service at church. Once she realized her error she decided that she was just going to stay up anyways because there were cartoons on. So, this meant that I got to stay up as well while Daddy continued to sleep. I stared at him in envy…… After about two hours when the REST of the house woke up (Nuthead’s Grandma, Pops, and Great Grandma came to visit) she decided to eat breakfast and then see what the Easter Bunny brought her. Apparently the Easter Bunny is like Santa and knows exactly what you like because my little Princess got a Handy Manny Tool Box for a basket. Therefore, as any good Princess would do, I got her a Princess Easter Basket with eggs and chocolate in it for Hubby and I to eat.  


She LOVES her Handy Manny tool kit. She has already tested the “Chewability” of all items and determined that they taste like plastic. SHe has also decided that she likes to pull the hair out of her bunny and give it to me. Yay…….

After Easter Basket festivities were over Nuthead decided that she wanted to go back to sleep. I was all “must be nice…….” and stared at her with envy. After she got up we headed off to church for Easter Service. Our friends Meredith and Josh and their little Tinkerbell MyKayla came with us.

After church it was time for more eating and then naps. Only, I just did the eating part……. Again, I am Mommy so apparently this means that I don’t get to sleep EVER! Then Mykayla was nice enough to invite us over for an Easter Egg Hunt. Nuthead had a BLAST hunting bark, leaves, and sticks. She didn’t care too much for finding eggs, even though she has the Fisher Price Farm/Animal thingy and plays with the stupid eggs (there were 3 and now we’re down to 1, hmmmmm…..) in that thing ALL F’ING DAY LONG! Hubby even joined us for the egg hunt which was a nice surprise.


Mykayla in her cool shades huntin' eggs


It may LOOK like she's going for the egg, but really she's trying to get the rock.......


Meredith and Mykayla


Nuthead and her Daddy. She ADORES him 🙂



Mykayla decided that she was too cool to hunt easter eggs and went for a ride in her car 🙂


Really? Because there's not an egg up there Nuthead........

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