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Easy Toddler Blanket Tutorial

The Newest Addition to the bunch….

As I stated in the previous post one of the things I bought in addition to the relay stuff was material to make Stink a new blanket. You may recall that I recently tried to make her one and she sorta took to it. She liked it and thus added it to her collection of “Kikis.’ Not quite what I was hoping for. I had HOPED that it would replace the disgusting (although frequently washed) kikis. Alas, she marches to the beat of her own drum….. You would think that I would have learned my lesson, but apparently I did not. I thought for sure when I saw the material I used she would drop the three current Kikis and latch on to the new one. Nope. She just added it to the group…. At least I can tell you how I made it and who knows maybe your kiddo will love it SO much that they do away with their yucky one!


1 yard of Sherpa/faux animal skin print fabric

1 4 3/4 yds package of corresponding blanket binding

Walking foot

Sewing Maching and sewing supplies

Step 1: Pin your blanket binding to the fabric (I left mine as it came from the store. No need to mess with perfection when they cut it for you!)  One side at a time. Begin with the short ends.* When pinning the binding to the fabric make sure you pull the binding taut. I found this led to less puckering.

Step 2:  Sew the first end. Repeat with the opposite end.

Step 3: Sew the binding to the sides. Place the binding over the sewn on binding at the ends. I folded the end of my binding under and even with the end to creat a clean edge (on both ends.) Repeat this with the other side.

Step 4:  optional I wanted the ends to look a little more finished so I sewed a square on each corner like this:

Square Corner

THen before they wake up from their nap go throw it on them and take a picture because it maybe the only one you get where they are sleeping under it as they refuse to give up the gross one for the pretty new one….
See like this:

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A Busy Easter Weekend

Sorry for the lapse in posts. It was a crazy busy week last week and this weekend was just as busy! It started Friday with getting the house ready just in case someone wanted to come look at it (who does that on Easter?- Whatev, hubby insisted.) Then once I got the house together it was time to head to the in-laws for Easter Weekend. My mother in law and I had all kinds of things planned. We HAD to make the banner for our Relay for Life team so that was first on the list. For some reason she was thinking we could use these two napkins she had to make the banner????? Yeah…. not so much. So we headed to Hobby Lobby and picked up some Canvas and Iron on Letters. We decided to work on the banner Saturday. We decided that our banner would have not just the team name but iron on appliques of all of the cancer color ribbons. So I traced all a ribbon in each color (using disappearing ink or tailors chalk- depending on the color) and we cut them out. We also cut out double sided adhesive. We had an embroidered purple ribbon from the quilt my mother in law made so we made that the focal point of our banner. We then decided that the banner needed some more pizzazz and headed back to Hobby Lobby for some blanket binding to put around the edge of the banner and a car that we could applique since our team name is The Pit Crew. Anyways, during that trip I picked up other craft stuffs that I wound up doing as well. Once we got home I sewed the blanket binding around the edge. I did my best to mitre the corners but honestly it wasn’t great…. Oh well, no one will see it on a galloping horse! No, there are no horses involved, it’s just a saying. Anyways, once the binding was on we appliqued all the lettering, ribbons, and the car. Here is the final product:

Relay for Life Banner!

 I think it turned out pretty great. I have to give my mother in law credit for the end result as it was her vision. I just helped to execute it.

 We also made Rice Krispy Eggs with M&M’s in the middle:

Make just like regular rice krispies and shape them into eggs!

 And of course Stink dyed Easter Eggs for the first time!


Stink LOVED dying the eggs! We all had colored hands afterwards though......

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Busy Busy Busy

Wow it’s been a crazy busy week. Monday involved two house showings, unfortunately no offers, tuesday, met with the financial manager peeps. Wednesday, spent the day with my good friend and her kids. Stink and her BFF Samster played while Livy-love crawled all over the place! I can’t believe she is almost walking and can say a few words! She is such a big girl already! Stink had a BLAST with Samster. She just adores him. While there I walked Carrie through a romper like this one

20110421-063648.jpg (this is the one I made for Stink. Pattern is from Sew Sweet Patterns off Etsy.)

However, it didn’t turn out so well as my retarded self pinned the romper bottoms on sideways 😦 so we wound up making it a skirt instead. Then I helped her fix the yoke on what is going to be an adorable shirt/pants outfit for Livy-love!
It felt GREAT to be able to teach her some tips and tricks, even if it didn’t turn out perfect. We’ve decided to make this a weekly thing!
At some point this week I plan on attempting a pleated skirt for Stink, but we’ll have to see. I still have to finish up a Newsboy Hat for Michelle and this weekend is Easter o LOTS of family time!

Stink and her main Squeeze Samster

Livy-love and Samster

Stink decided Livy-love needed a necklace

Who wouldn’t want to smooch all over that pretty face!!!!

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Sometimes I Find a GREAT Bargain!

Like when the other day I found this fabric in the remnants bin on clearance. There was 7/8ths of a yard (which I found odd for it to be a remnant but what do I know…..) Anyways, it was almost an entire yard or really cute fabric for $3! So, of course I snatched it up thinking I can totally make Stink a shirt or dress out of it.  Today I made her a drawstring top (aka a pillow case dress shortened to a shirt length)

All you do is cut out two main pieces with arm holes. Sew casings at the top of each main piece. Sew your side seams together. Sew your arm hole seams. Last, sew a hem. So easy.  I used the Chloe pattern found at Sew Sweet Patterns. The only problem that I have with this pattern is that for some reason the front pattern piece doesn’t print out the very bottom part. However, for even a beginner sewer it is easy to figure out what it should be. I made it shirt length for my Stink because I happen to think it’s cute that way 🙂 This dress/shirt literally takes 30 minutes to do. It is very simple and I have received umpteen million compliments on the previous ones that I have done for Stink (as in many friends are now requesting I make some for their girls!) Anyways here is my final product! Can’t wait to show Stink!

Don't you just love these "bursting" polk-a-dots!


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When is a craft fail a success?

Owl Front

Back with Pocket



It’s when you make a hideously ugly Owl Pillow for your daughters new toddler bed and you absolutely HATE the outcome but she doesn’t care and LOVES it! Yup. That’s what we have today. A craft fail turned toddler loving success! Sometimes my little Stinkerbell amazes me. So, unfortunately I don’t have numbers and what not to give you in this semi-tutorial. I can just tell you what I did step by step and provide a few pics:

Two large scraps of fabric

various other scraps that coordinate with the two main large scraps of fabric

Instant bonding liquid Stitch

a quarter

a coffee cup



sewing supplies

Step 1:

Cut out all your pieces. You will need two main pieces (a front and back), two wing pieces, two main eye pieces, two iris pieces, and two pupil pieces. You will also need a small triangle for the nose and a pocket shaped piece for the back (make sure you have a seam allowance!)

For the main fabric your pattern pieces will look like this:

Main Front and Back Pattern Piece


for the wings like the brown pieces here:

For the main eyes use your coffee cup and trace two circles. For the iris use a quarter and trace two circles. For the pupils you can draw two smaller circles and cut a tiny triangle out of each (or just leave them be- whatever you want- that’s the joy of doing it yourself!)

Step 2:

 Once you have all of your pattern pieces cut out you will need to applique the wings onto the front main fabric piece.

Then applique the main eye pieces on and the nose piece.

For the Iris and pupil I just used some instant bonding liquid stitch and the iron. Super easy 🙂

Um..... I suck at Applique..... 😦

Step 3:

Mark and then sew your pocket piece onto the back main fabric piece.

Sew Pocket Piece on BEFORE sewing main pieces together

Step 4: Place the two main fabric pieces right sides together and sew all around the edge leaving a 1 inch opening. Then flip right side out.

This is after it was flipped right side out

Step 5: Fill will polyfill or stuffing of some kind.


Step 6: Sew up your one inch seam. I suck at this and chose to just straight stitch. My mom says there’s a special “blind” stitch you can do. If you know how to do this then more power to you!

Step 7: Present to child upon her waking up and watch her shriek with joy as you just shake your head in amazement that as hideously ugly as it is she still LOVES IT!

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Easy Easter Basket

I am an avid reader of craft blogs. They are freaking AWESOME and generally provide me with great inspiration. One of the blogs that I love to read is called Fireflies and Jellybeans.

 It has some seriously cute and budget friendly craft ideas. Such Ideas include The $3 Plush Easter Backpack. When I was reading this I knew I had to put it on my “Must Make for Stink” list. It’s a super cute idea that cost little to do and takes barely any time.

Mine didn’t quite only cost $3 but I only spent $5 and that’s because I didn’t have matching ribbon already at home.

Here is how I did mine, but above is the link to how she did hers (which is probably a better tutorial as I don’t have pics of the steps 😦 )


1 stuffed bunny (0r animal of your choice)- $1

2 bandanas (on sale at Walmart)- $1 each

ribbon- $2

Liquid Stitch- already owned

Sewing materials

Step one:  Fold one of the bandanas in half once and then fold it in half the opposite way a second time.  Sew casings on both ends of the bandana.

Step 2: fold the bandana in half again and sew the side seams up from the bottom to just under where you sewed your casings.

Step 3: Take the second bandana and cut 6 one inch strips out of it. Sew two strips together creating a 3 long strips total.  Braid these three strips together.

Step 4: Sew ribbons onto the back pack to make straps

Step 5: Put Liquid Stitch onto the stuffed animal and the place the back pack onto the animal. Then handstitch the backpack on to reinforce it.

Step 6: Allow to dry and you are done!

Due to a lack of pics I tried to break it down as simple as I could. It’s not a difficult craft to do and I am willing to bet your little one will LOVE it! What kid doesn’t like a stuffed animal backpack?????






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Roller Romper

Do you remember when you were a kid and you put your romper on and rolled around in your roller skates? Okay, I don’t actually remember it but I have pictures from my childhood where my mom did this to us. It’s waaaaaay cute 🙂 Anyways, I stumbled across a pattern for a “Roller Romper” and of course I HAD to try it. The pattern was purchased from The Chickadee Patterns and is listed as The Roller Skate Romper. The patter is simple to follow and easy to read. There are plenty of pictures to help a newbie like me along the way. It even was a great beginner project for me to practice making bias tape (added bonus!) The pattern was delivered within 24 hours and was simple to download, print, and piece together. I would strongly recommend this pattern to other beginners looking for something beyond a basic dress or skirt to do for their little diva. Another great aspect of this pattern is that from cut to finish it only took me about two hours, and that was with a regular sewing machine and making bias tape for the first time.

I had to add two inches in length but this is based on the 2t sizing

Elastic waistband with zig zag stitch


Made my own bias tape using a bias buddy- totally worth the money!


Since we're not potty trained over here I used snaps instead of sewing up the crotch.

I used a twin bed sheet for the fabric and bias tape. My next one that I WILL do has got to be done in some kind of Rainbow Bright Fabric because doesn’t this just scream RAINBOW BRIGHT!

She looks like my older sister in this pic!

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