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Tel un vieux sage chinois

Pa. Home With Foot-deep Piles Of Rats Coming Down

Empty Pennsylvania House So Overrun By Rats That They Measured 1-foot Deep Will Be Demolished

(AP) NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. (AP) – A western Pennsylvania home will be demolished because it is so overrun with rats that they measure about a foot deep in spots.

Officials in Pulaski Township say the home has been a problem in the neighborhood for about a year. Neighbors called the township last week to complain when they saw rats coming out of the home.

Officials say the home’s owner used to breed dogs there. The woman, who is bankrupt, moved out in August and her husband is in a nursing home.

The Beaver County Times reports that an exterminator hopes to kill about 95 percent of the rats before the home is demolished Friday. Officials will erect a perimeter around the home to try and prevent any rats that survive from going into neighboring homes.


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Well over due…..

OMG we moved in this house after this expired!


So today I decided that I would go though our kitchen cabinets and get rid of anything that had expired. First of all, we had about 10 cans of black beans and 10 cans of evaporated milk???? Why? I have no idea, but since the black beans weren’t expired I would suggest that you don’t stand downwind from me for a few weeks. The evaporated milk was about a year past expired so I chunked it. At first I was all “Maybe I should donate this to the food pantry?” Then I was all, “wouldn’t it be sort of, like, degrading to give them past due foods?”

Me: Here’s some food for your donation center

Donation center: “Um… gee thanks for the expired food? Are you trying to kill off the needy?”
So….. yeah I wound up throwing it in the trash can because then I was all if someone REALLY needs expired evaporated milk that bad and they happen to be dumpster diving then they can have it. I also threw away approximately 1,002,853.5 packets of tea bags because we NEVER drink tea in this house unless my in-laws are here and then all of the sudden dear hubby is all “OMG WHY DON’T WE HAVE TEA????” And then I politely remind him that he is a DAMN YANKEE and refuses drink tea the correct way, sweetened, and thus we don’t make it. Until your parents come. Then you decide that you do like tea. And vegetables. But whatever.

yeah.... that got drank right up......

except... oh wait.... no it did not........

In the end I wound up with not one, not two, but THREE garbage bags full of expired or stale food. That is just too much wasted food in my opinion. SOMEONE, ahem ahem self, needs to stop buying impulse foods, and stick to the grocery list.

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I was searching the internet for random stuff because yes people sometimes I just need a break from housework when I came across this:

This is a "Kitty Litter" Cake GAG GAG GAG

 Seriously that has to be the most DISGUSTING looking concoction of food I have ever seen. Even the thought of eating it makes me gag. I will say though, this is definitely one way to keep me from eating all of the cake…….

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As I thumb through the mail I notice that dear Hubby has received a catalog in the mail. It’s not one that I have ever seen before so it peaks my interest. At first, I see all these old lady looking type items such as slippers, nightgowns, etc. Then WAM! Dildos! WTF? I just sat there staring. Then horrible images of old people with dildos flashed through my mind and burned my eyes. I then peruse on. That is when I came across this gem:


Apparently if you soak your feet in what appears to be “poo water” you can detox your body in a small amount of time. I think I’ll pass on this. I’m not big on the whole “poo water” looking stuff. I can only imagine what it smells like. Couldn’t they make it some shade of pretty? I would think that would market better. That’s just my opinion, anyways.

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What Was McDonald’s Thinking

There is a website called listverse where there are a myriad of different lists that you can browse through. It’s pretty entertaining and can fill some boredom time if you’re looking for something interesting. Lists vary from things like trave,l to ufo mysteries, to food topics. That’s where I stumbled across the list of the Top 10 Failed McDonald’s Products. Here they are with my commentary:

1. Mc Gratin Croquette

This gag me concoction consists of fried macaroni, shrimp, and mashed potatoes served on a bed of cabbage. Really? GAG GAG GAG. Don’t get me wrong. I like all of those things but not mixed together. That’s is f’in gross.

2. The Hulaburger


That just looks gross


This was prepared like a regular burger but instead of a beef patty they substituted a slice of pineapple. Um….no thank you I’ll take mine minus the pineapple add meat please.

3. The McDLT

This was a burger that they halfway prepared and by this I mean they gave you the burger with the condiments on the side so they could slack off and you would have to prepare the rest of your own food. Um… I order fast food because I’m lazy and thus would like for it to be ready to eat. Also, how am I supposed to dress my burger while I’m driving. Not that I do that….. okay I do.

4. The Arch Delux

THis was supposed to be a burger that only adults would enjoy. I’m no economist or advertising exec but I would think that if you were going to spend $100 million on a product that you would aim for kids since they are probably your biggest target audience. I could be wrong about this, but that’s just my opinion

5. The McLobster

Vomit in a hotdog bun anyone? anyone? No? That's what I thought.......

No way am I ever ordering Lobster from McDonald’s. Enough said.

6. The McHotdog

How the F do you make a hotdog look yucky? This is how.

I’m not sure why this one failed. Maybe something to do with how nasty it looks???????

7. The McPizza


Um…… who goes to McDonald’s for pizza when you can just have all that yumminess brought right to your door? Poor thinking McDonald’s…poor thinking.

8. The McPasta

I guess mashed pototoes and vegetable medley's resemble french fries

The McPasta choices included lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, and spaghetti with meatballs and came with a side dish of your choice of mashed potatoes with gravy or a vegetable medley. Yeah……. Again, when I go to McDonald’s it’s not for it’s Italian cuisine. Also, I can’t eat spaghetti and drive people. It’s just too hard. Then I get sauce all over my shirt. Wait, I get crap on my shirt anyways. So, nevermind about that argument but still who wants pasta from McDonalds? Not me, I’ll pass.

9. The McAfrica

THis is my favorite. Really McDonald’s? Who came up with the name for this one? Did you really think that was going to fly? Hmmmm… I wonder how much in famine relief McDonald’s had to pay to cover their hides (get it… I’m funny- hides- cowhides?)

and last but not least

10. The McLean Delux

This was a low-fat burger that they advertised. Again, McDonalds we are going for fast food. Do you really thing that when this product first came out it was going to be a huge hit. Also, you replaced the fat with seaweed. EW EW EW! That is not comparable. They don’t even remotely taste the same, and, also, I don’t want seaweed with my fries and coke.

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Don’t you mean Critter CRAP farm?

So also as a part of the Halloween experience I took nuthead to this place called Critter Creek Farm . While I did catch some great pics of the little nuthead this place SUCKED! First of all when we arrived I was driving into the “entrance” and was greeted by a thick cloud of smoke. Apparently someone decided that this was the time and place to burn a massive pile of leaves. Um…. no. There are little children around who would rather not inhale that nastiness. So we park the car and I strap her into her stroller

So excited! Poor girl has no idea of whats to come... Oh to be young again :)

So excited! Poor girl has no idea of whats to come... Oh to be young again 🙂

So we head on into the “farm.” We are immediately presented with a little shack where we paid ten dollars for a “hay ride.” We will get more into this is a little bit. The playgroup I am with all pay our money and head on in for an adventure. Hmmmmm…… First of all this place DOES NOT look like it did on it’s website. There was a playground but it was all disgustingly dirty. Now, I get that a playground is going to have dirt. But, my gosh take a hose to it once in a while and wash the crap off!  No one wants to sit thier kid in a swing covered with at least an inch of dirt. Anywho, I decide that I want to get some pics of Nuthead and her friends. So here they are:

Becks stylin' and profilin'

Becks stylin' and profilin'

Nuthead and her BF Sam

Nuthead and her BF Sam

Charles feeding the goat

Charles feeding the goat


Becks feeding the goat

Becks feeding the goat

Nuthead showing everyone how she is a model

Nuthead showing everyone how she is a model

See she really is a model! I mean LOOK AT HER!

See she really is a model! I mean LOOK AT HER!

Nuthead and her BF Sam (aren't they such a cute couple)

Nuthead and her BF Sam (aren't they such a cute couple)

Liam NOT AT ALL interested in the lame pumpkin patch

Liam NOT AT ALL interested in the lame pumpkin patch

At this point I feel that I should warn you that at this farm there is an evil rooster. He totally attacked Liam’s daddy and put a massive gash in his leg with it’s Talons. Apparently for no reason at all. So if you go there and see this guy RUN!:
Evil Evil Evil Rooster. Don't mess with me. I'll fry you up and not feel guilty at ALL!

Evil Evil Evil Rooster. Don't mess with me. I'll fry you up and not feel guilty at ALL!

After the rooster attack we all decide that it’s time for the “Hay Ride” the owners have been raving about. The owners warn us that “it’s a little muddy so if you guys don’t want to go we can just give the kids a pumpkin each.” We decide that we will brave it. It can’t be that bad right? Pumpkin patches are supposed to be a little muddy and it can’t be worse than the rest of the farm right? WRONG! We all board ourselves and kids on to the back of a flatbed with hay bales on it that is being pulled by a tractor. Keep in mind that it was a very muggy 88 degrees out. As soon as we get on the ride it starts to rain. Great…… now I’m all sweaty and wet. AWESOME! No pics of me please 🙂 We finally arrive at what is supposed to be this “great pumpkin patch.” IT’S AN F’ING SWAMP! OMG! Seriously that is not “just a little muddy.” That is ankle deep water with what appears to be about 20-30 grapefruit size pumpkins halfass strewn about. Thankfully the two dads on the trip volunteer to get off and get pumpkins for each of the kids so us moms can keep them somewhat clean and out of the swamp. Well, then the owner dude tells us that we have to get off so he can turn the tractor around. Nice….. We all get off, he turn the tractor around and we all reload. Only somehow my child who CAN EVEN WALK gets completely dirty????????? WTF?????? Finally we head back to the main area. On our way back we get stuck trying to go up some tiny hill. We all were thinking we were going to have to hike back, but thankfully we got unstuck and made it safely back. After that we all left never to return again.

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Who’s been following me around?




Dallas police seek pudgy naked backyard dancer

DALLAS – Dallas police are looking for a man who they said repeatedly sneaks into backyards, dances around naked and then runs away. Police believe the man has been exposing himself in the same neighborhood since 2005. The most recent incident was on Sept. 30.

Police said he usually climbs a fence or goes through a gate and either dances naked or jumps in a swimming pool naked. Police said he also has danced naked on top of a backyard air conditioning unit.

Police said they’re looking for a pudgy man who is about 6 feet tall and covers his face while dancing.

Dallas Police Senior Cpl. Janice Crowther said police want to catch him before it escalates into something worse.

also who ever is giving the eyewitness testimony here is wrong. I’m 5’2″ and a WOMAN 🙂

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