How to Burn More Calories on Your Run |

Just read this. Definitely going to try this!

How to Burn More Calories on Your Run |

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Friday’s Five


Sometimes in life we get caught up in ourselves, our success and failures, our dreams and nightmares, our carefree and stressful moments. These are the times, yes good times too, that we might need motivation to keep going. Here are five motivational quotes that I love:

1. “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein
How many times have you been scared to try something new? I know I have but in the end it generally turns out great! That being said you don’t have to jump in feet first but at least stick your toe in the water and give it a try!

2. “Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it.” – Sir Winston Churchill
How many of us have quite because something got hard? Pushing through tough times is what makes you stronger. Then when imes get tough again, and they will, you’ll be even better at pushing through it.

3. “Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” – Ralph Marston
Plain and simple- positive attitudes equal positive moments that lead to excellence.

4. “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy
No one is perfect. Self reflection and improvement is a necessary part of daily life.

5. “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao-Tsu
Last but not least my most favorite quote of all time. You will get NO WHERE standing still. If you want to succeed and change then you must move forward!

What are some of your favorite quotes?

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Sometimes I Find a GREAT Bargain!

Like when the other day I found this fabric in the remnants bin on clearance. There was 7/8ths of a yard (which I found odd for it to be a remnant but what do I know…..) Anyways, it was almost an entire yard or really cute fabric for $3! So, of course I snatched it up thinking I can totally make Stink a shirt or dress out of it.  Today I made her a drawstring top (aka a pillow case dress shortened to a shirt length)

All you do is cut out two main pieces with arm holes. Sew casings at the top of each main piece. Sew your side seams together. Sew your arm hole seams. Last, sew a hem. So easy.  I used the Chloe pattern found at Sew Sweet Patterns. The only problem that I have with this pattern is that for some reason the front pattern piece doesn’t print out the very bottom part. However, for even a beginner sewer it is easy to figure out what it should be. I made it shirt length for my Stink because I happen to think it’s cute that way 🙂 This dress/shirt literally takes 30 minutes to do. It is very simple and I have received umpteen million compliments on the previous ones that I have done for Stink (as in many friends are now requesting I make some for their girls!) Anyways here is my final product! Can’t wait to show Stink!

Don't you just love these "bursting" polk-a-dots!


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When is a craft fail a success?

Owl Front

Back with Pocket



It’s when you make a hideously ugly Owl Pillow for your daughters new toddler bed and you absolutely HATE the outcome but she doesn’t care and LOVES it! Yup. That’s what we have today. A craft fail turned toddler loving success! Sometimes my little Stinkerbell amazes me. So, unfortunately I don’t have numbers and what not to give you in this semi-tutorial. I can just tell you what I did step by step and provide a few pics:

Two large scraps of fabric

various other scraps that coordinate with the two main large scraps of fabric

Instant bonding liquid Stitch

a quarter

a coffee cup



sewing supplies

Step 1:

Cut out all your pieces. You will need two main pieces (a front and back), two wing pieces, two main eye pieces, two iris pieces, and two pupil pieces. You will also need a small triangle for the nose and a pocket shaped piece for the back (make sure you have a seam allowance!)

For the main fabric your pattern pieces will look like this:

Main Front and Back Pattern Piece


for the wings like the brown pieces here:

For the main eyes use your coffee cup and trace two circles. For the iris use a quarter and trace two circles. For the pupils you can draw two smaller circles and cut a tiny triangle out of each (or just leave them be- whatever you want- that’s the joy of doing it yourself!)

Step 2:

 Once you have all of your pattern pieces cut out you will need to applique the wings onto the front main fabric piece.

Then applique the main eye pieces on and the nose piece.

For the Iris and pupil I just used some instant bonding liquid stitch and the iron. Super easy 🙂

Um..... I suck at Applique..... 😦

Step 3:

Mark and then sew your pocket piece onto the back main fabric piece.

Sew Pocket Piece on BEFORE sewing main pieces together

Step 4: Place the two main fabric pieces right sides together and sew all around the edge leaving a 1 inch opening. Then flip right side out.

This is after it was flipped right side out

Step 5: Fill will polyfill or stuffing of some kind.


Step 6: Sew up your one inch seam. I suck at this and chose to just straight stitch. My mom says there’s a special “blind” stitch you can do. If you know how to do this then more power to you!

Step 7: Present to child upon her waking up and watch her shriek with joy as you just shake your head in amazement that as hideously ugly as it is she still LOVES IT!

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Wordless Wednesday





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I found this app on the Iphone called Instagram. Lately, I’ve been having a blast with it. The app is pretty neat and FREE! The app has several filters that you apply to your photo. Then you can upload them and share on facebook or twitter! Here’s a few pics I took:






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I’ve Only Cried Like 20 Times…..

So this weekend we had big changes in our house! Stink moved to a toddler bed. This was due to me looking at the video monitor and seeing her teetering on the railing of her crib before she decided that it wasn’t a good idea and retreated back to the safe confines of her crib. While we were lucky that time, I know my kid, we weren’t going to be so lucky later on. I decided against completely redoing the room as I hope to sell this house and move soon. So, as a result there is some mismatching going on. Also, the bed set was a free hand-me-down from a friend. Free always trumps design in our house thanks to the always frugal hubby…. Another reason why I can’t wait to move! (I can redecorate her room!)

The bedding we got has owls on it. I attempted to make her a new Owl pillow to go with it (more on that later this week). It didn’t turn out so great but she loved it anyways! Which totally made me feel better!

Without further ado here is Stink and her new bed!

Big Girl Bed!


She really does love it despite her face in this pic. She was mad that I moved her blanket out from infront of her face.


Night one went really well. She and I read books for 30 min (Dr. Seuss!) Then it was lights out. She stayed in the bed without getting out one time. The going to bed part wasn’t what I was really concerned about. It was the morning part where she usually wakes up in the middle of my 6 mile run. I put some toys in her room so that she would have something to distract her while I finished running. However, she totally proved me wrong. She laid there patiently until I came to get her. Actually she looked at the video monitor and informed me that she “Want(s) to eat! ” I hope, fingers crossed, every night goes this way. We’ll see if our first nap in the big girl bed goes as smooth…..


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