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In The Days After

Last Wednesday my home state was hit by massive tornados. I sat in front of my tv with my husband and child and watched the devistation unfold. I watched as the cities of my family were ravaged by mother natures fury and prayed that God spared them. I was lucky. All of my family members made it out with minimal damage. My home barely scathed, but others weren’t as lucky. Many perished, hundreds lost everything, and thousands were injured. Please pray for the families who were effected by the Tornadoes. Here are a few pics of the aftermath in Tuscaloosa (one of the most devestatingly hit areas.)






For info on how you can help:




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Children’s Hands-On Museum

Yesterday I met up with an old friend of mine and her two little ones. We went to a Children’s Hands-On Museum in Tuscaloosa, Al. It was awesome. If you have a kid younger than 8 I would definitely suggest taking them there. It was $13 for me to get in and Stinkerbell was free due to being age 2. She had a blast. While it’s not a large museum there is plenty to keep the kids occupied. We stayed for 2 hours before we decided to leave for lunch. It was definitely worth the hour drive and the $13. We are already planning a second trip for next month! If you live nearby and haven’t been to this museum I suggest you pack the kids up for a day trip and go see all the fun stuff they have. Here are some pics from our adventure.


This was in an old time general store/post office room. There was a real cash register for the kids to see and use, and old time scale for them to weigh out different foods, and a post office they could pretend to put mail in. Stinkerbell decided that the mailboxes needed to have checkers in them…. Anyways, they also had, as you can see in the pic, checkers games for the kids to play.


This was in the kinetics science room. There were all kinds of different age appropriate science experiments for the kids to do. Here Stinkerbell is in a windroom that had balls flying all around her for her to catch and put in a basket. She LOVED it. We couldn’t get her out!


 Below the first floor (entry level) there is a basement level for kids as well. This area has a pretend farm, sailboat, theatre room, reptiles and whatnot’s room, and a hospital area. The Hospital area is complete with waiting room, X-Ray room, nursery, reception area, and “visitor” services. Stinkerbell just went for her 2 year visit the other day and wanted to play with the Doctors stethoscope. She was so upset when she couldn’t. Boy was she excited to see they had ones for her to play with at the Museum. She pretended to feed and “listen” to the babies. Then she went over to the Hospital bedroom and took care of Curious George (who is amazingly a patient there!) Anyways, she had a blast.

My Pics don’t do it justice. There is so much that I can’t fit it all in here. Go check it out for yourself!

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Just Joshin’ With Ya!


This is Josh. He think’s he’s cool. I know different though. I mean he roots for Alabama. What else do I need to say 🙂 Anyways, he’s all “OMG You have a blog” and I’m all “Ya and it’s funny so there :P” and he’s all “ha ha right….” and I’m all “Whatever Josh!” And then I told him that I was going to blog about him just because he totally made fun of my blog.

Just Joshin’ with you Josh! You’re cool in my book 🙂

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