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I was searching the internet for random stuff because yes people sometimes I just need a break from housework when I came across this:

This is a "Kitty Litter" Cake GAG GAG GAG

 Seriously that has to be the most DISGUSTING looking concoction of food I have ever seen. Even the thought of eating it makes me gag. I will say though, this is definitely one way to keep me from eating all of the cake…….

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Seriously This is All Just Creeping Me Out

First I read about this thing called a Bathynomus giganteus then I read about a Sheep Pig.

OMG! Seriously this is starting to creep me out. WTFudge other cross-bred mutant creatures are there out there. Do I need to start looking out for birds with rat heads???

I totally found this picture AFTER I wrote that! OMG HELP ME NOW! I am seriously creeped out now. I am so going to have nightmares and not sleep much. Not because of the sheep pig but the bird rat thing. Why I do this to myself I will never know. It’s like the time I watched River Monsters with my husband. Now I don’t even want to think about that again……I didn’t sleep for two nights.

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OMG WTF and Every Other Acronym Known to Man

I have found the world’s creepiest “Thing.” Okay, technically some french dude named  Alphonse Milne-Edwards discovered it but I totally found it on the internet :). It is seriously going to give me nightmares. Here is a picture of it:

This “thing” is called a Bathynomus giganteus. This is Latin for Big Ass Fucking Creepy Cockroach Looking Sea Creature. Apparently these things are related to pill bugs . You know those little bugs that roll up in a ball just so you can flick them.

I swear that sea creature thing looks like a mutant cross between the pill bug and a cockroach. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to fuck with it either because it could totally try and eat you and then you would have to run screaming out of the ocean like a big sissy and then everyone would think you saw a shark and then they would start screaming and then the life guards would get pissed at you for starting a freak out on the beach and then you would be banned from the beach for EVER. So I’d just stay away from them if I were you. 🙂

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WTF Noggin this is just creepy!

So today my daughter decides that she wants to wake up at 5:30am (as usual.) So I go get her out of her crib, put her in her swing and turn on the TV (so she can watch something while I make her bottle.) This is what was on Noggin. wtf noggin What creepy person thought that this was a good idea for a chow.  I mean look at it. It’s REALLY creepy. Also, if this is all it takes to produce a kiddy show then I’m in the wrong buisness. But seriously, I want to know who thought that a hand puppet with big bulging eyes and a bad weave was a good idea? Man, it still creeps me out to look at it.

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