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Warhol Dress Variation

Recently my husband went through his closet and purged some of his clothes. He actual wound up purging a TON of his clothes. He does this every 5 years or so. He’s not much of a shopper so he tends to wear the same thing year after year….. Anyways,  I went through the bags and pulled some of the shirts out to refashion into clothes for Stink. One of the shirts that he was getting rid of was his “Mighty Mighty Bosstones” shirt (a band we both love and his FAVORITE shirt!)  He had this shirt since college where we met 10 year ago (if that tells you anything about how long he holds on to things!) Usually I am the one telling him to purge purge purge but I couldn’t send this shirt out the door yet. It had to many memories for me. I decided that I would keep the shirt in my refashion pile until I found something to do with it.  I began perusing the internet for inspiration and that is when I stumbled across this tutorial for The Warhol Dress. In my version I just skipped the part with the Freezer paper and fabric paint since my shirt had a pre-printed design on it. Also, instead of using the pre-existing hem on the bottom I cut my pattern pieces out to incorporate the pre-existing design and then used my Serger to put a rolled hem around the bottom. Here is the end result!





She wouldn't let me take a pic from the front but that's okay because on this dress the back is where it's at!


Hubby loved the dress and that fact that his mini me was the one wearing! I posted a pic on Facebook and all of our old college buddies posted comments on how they remembered that shirt! (That is how often he wore it :O) It’s a bit big for her right now as the closest size on the pattern for her was a 3t, but that just gives us more time to wear it. Also, I made the shoulder loop too big and had to cut it. I’ll have to fix that later but for now I just tied it and sent her off.

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Easy Receiving Blanket Tutorial

Have you ever had a friend that was having a baby and you just didn’t know what to get them. Or maybe you’re like me and totally forget that you have a baby shower coming up and then your friend calls you the day of and asks what time you are going to be there. Well, then this tutorial is for you! I have no idea how many times I have had to run to my baby gifts stash and instantly had a cute gift ready to go 🙂 For this you will need:

1 yard of flannel (as of today Joannes has all their flannel for $1.99/yd and you know I went and racked up :))

*Prewash if you want.

Corresponding thread

Sewing machine

Rotary cutter and self-healing mat

Step 1: Cut a 27″ (length) by 28″ (wide) square out of your fabric

I chose to go with a square but you can round your corners if you like.

I folded mine in half and then cut it 27x14Step 2:Sew a zig zag stitch around the edge on all four sides. When you get to the corner make sure your needle is inserted into the fabric, lift the presser foot, and turn the fabric. Then lower the foot back down and begin stitching the edge. Repeat at all corners. If you have rounded corners then you can just continue around without stopping. Here is my machines zig zag setting

Zig zag stitch in action

Step 3: Trim up any loose threads and clip the edges that may stick out a bit.
That’s it you’re done. How easy was that 🙂 Now go make a ton and put them safely away until you get that next phone call from your friend asking you what time you are going to be at the shower today…..

Just a few I whipped up in less than 30 minutes.

P.S. You will have left over fabric if you get a whole yard. Make a matching burp cloth to complete the gift here.

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