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Roller Romper

Do you remember when you were a kid and you put your romper on and rolled around in your roller skates? Okay, I don’t actually remember it but I have pictures from my childhood where my mom did this to us. It’s waaaaaay cute 🙂 Anyways, I stumbled across a pattern for a “Roller Romper” and of course I HAD to try it. The pattern was purchased from The Chickadee Patterns and is listed as The Roller Skate Romper. The patter is simple to follow and easy to read. There are plenty of pictures to help a newbie like me along the way. It even was a great beginner project for me to practice making bias tape (added bonus!) The pattern was delivered within 24 hours and was simple to download, print, and piece together. I would strongly recommend this pattern to other beginners looking for something beyond a basic dress or skirt to do for their little diva. Another great aspect of this pattern is that from cut to finish it only took me about two hours, and that was with a regular sewing machine and making bias tape for the first time.

I had to add two inches in length but this is based on the 2t sizing

Elastic waistband with zig zag stitch


Made my own bias tape using a bias buddy- totally worth the money!


Since we're not potty trained over here I used snaps instead of sewing up the crotch.

I used a twin bed sheet for the fabric and bias tape. My next one that I WILL do has got to be done in some kind of Rainbow Bright Fabric because doesn’t this just scream RAINBOW BRIGHT!

She looks like my older sister in this pic!

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If You Guessed

An Egg/Pod photo prop then you were RIGHT!  Here is the end result:

Took about 3 hours total (thanks to a little one all up in my buisness) but I got it done!

 I used a pattern purchased at 4aSong’s etsy store. I got the two patterns in one Baby Cocoon and Pod pattern. It’s a great deal because it’s only $4! That’s only $2 each. She has other great patterns for sale there as well so you should go and check it out. Also, she always sends my orders with in 24 hours of purchase and all her patterns are simple to read and follow.

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Yay Racoon Testicles and Random Bones!

I found this on Etsy the other day. Do people really buy this shit?????

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