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Friday’s Five

Whooo hoo it’s FRIDAY! This week has been a stressful one but now it’s time to start the weekend festivities. Today I have a few errands to run and then rest up for my 5k tomorrow morning. Then we have an Open House on Sunday. I sure hope both go well. Anyways, since this week has been crazy I’ve had to find funny stuff to laugh at as a stress buster. Here are five that had me rolling on the floor, ENJOY!







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This is Why I am Temporarily Disappointed in Publix

As you may know I always RAVE about how AWESOME Publix is. However I was slightly disappointed when I found this:


This my dear friends is from a bag of Publix brand whole wheat bread. Where is the rest of the bread you might ask? Well, I don’t know, quite frankly. All I know is that they should totally give me like 50% back since half my bread wasn’t even in the bag. How is ANYONE supposed to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on this? Everyone knows that all of the Jelly is just going to fall right out of those MASSIVE holes in the bread. I’m disappointed Publix. Disappointed.


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And This is What I Like to Call BULL$h!+

Today I went to Hellmart to do some grocery shopping. I go inside, mind my own business, get what I need, and then leave only to find that apparently the world’s biggest ASSHOLE was somewhere in close proximity to my car.

I mean really? Who does this????

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Say Wha?

I was strolling the aisles of Hell-Mart when I came upon something that made me do a double take. Here it is:


Seriously? They couldn't think of something else?

 I mean really. One is named Pooh (Duh) another Lumpy. How am I supposed to not roll on the floor laughing at this?

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Go Ahead. Laugh it Up!






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Start your weekend off with a good laugh

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What Was McDonald’s Thinking

There is a website called listverse where there are a myriad of different lists that you can browse through. It’s pretty entertaining and can fill some boredom time if you’re looking for something interesting. Lists vary from things like trave,l to ufo mysteries, to food topics. That’s where I stumbled across the list of the Top 10 Failed McDonald’s Products. Here they are with my commentary:

1. Mc Gratin Croquette

This gag me concoction consists of fried macaroni, shrimp, and mashed potatoes served on a bed of cabbage. Really? GAG GAG GAG. Don’t get me wrong. I like all of those things but not mixed together. That’s is f’in gross.

2. The Hulaburger


That just looks gross


This was prepared like a regular burger but instead of a beef patty they substituted a slice of pineapple. Um….no thank you I’ll take mine minus the pineapple add meat please.

3. The McDLT

This was a burger that they halfway prepared and by this I mean they gave you the burger with the condiments on the side so they could slack off and you would have to prepare the rest of your own food. Um… I order fast food because I’m lazy and thus would like for it to be ready to eat. Also, how am I supposed to dress my burger while I’m driving. Not that I do that….. okay I do.

4. The Arch Delux

THis was supposed to be a burger that only adults would enjoy. I’m no economist or advertising exec but I would think that if you were going to spend $100 million on a product that you would aim for kids since they are probably your biggest target audience. I could be wrong about this, but that’s just my opinion

5. The McLobster

Vomit in a hotdog bun anyone? anyone? No? That's what I thought.......

No way am I ever ordering Lobster from McDonald’s. Enough said.

6. The McHotdog

How the F do you make a hotdog look yucky? This is how.

I’m not sure why this one failed. Maybe something to do with how nasty it looks???????

7. The McPizza


Um…… who goes to McDonald’s for pizza when you can just have all that yumminess brought right to your door? Poor thinking McDonald’s…poor thinking.

8. The McPasta

I guess mashed pototoes and vegetable medley's resemble french fries

The McPasta choices included lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, and spaghetti with meatballs and came with a side dish of your choice of mashed potatoes with gravy or a vegetable medley. Yeah……. Again, when I go to McDonald’s it’s not for it’s Italian cuisine. Also, I can’t eat spaghetti and drive people. It’s just too hard. Then I get sauce all over my shirt. Wait, I get crap on my shirt anyways. So, nevermind about that argument but still who wants pasta from McDonalds? Not me, I’ll pass.

9. The McAfrica

THis is my favorite. Really McDonald’s? Who came up with the name for this one? Did you really think that was going to fly? Hmmmm… I wonder how much in famine relief McDonald’s had to pay to cover their hides (get it… I’m funny- hides- cowhides?)

and last but not least

10. The McLean Delux

This was a low-fat burger that they advertised. Again, McDonalds we are going for fast food. Do you really thing that when this product first came out it was going to be a huge hit. Also, you replaced the fat with seaweed. EW EW EW! That is not comparable. They don’t even remotely taste the same, and, also, I don’t want seaweed with my fries and coke.

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