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Friday’s Five Things I Learned at the Zoo Today

My little Lioness! RAWR


Today I decided to take Stink to the Zoo because quite frankly this morning I cleaned the house and wanted it to stay that way for at least 30 minutes. Once I said the words “bye bye” we couldn’t get out the door fast enough for Stink. Stink LOVES going to the Zoo so we have a membership and thus we don’t have to pay every time we go. TOtally worth it since during the warmer seasons we go at minimum once a week. In addition to this our membership allows for discounts at various other Zoos across the nation. Sweet! Anyways, today’s trip to the Zoo was quite the adventure. It was the first time I really let Stink walk instead of being in the stroller. She did okay for a while but then didn’t want to hold my hand so I made her get in the stroller. She loved seeing all the animals. This trip, unlike all the previous ones, she was able to say what the animal was and make the appropriate sounds associated with them. What a smart cookie I have! Here is what I learned at the zoo today:
1) Friday’s are field trip days. It was PACKED!

2) Not all animals are caged at the zoo. Some visit while on field trips with their school…….

3) Some people just shouldn’t be allowed in public with children because their children act better than they do.

4) My child weighs less than a Giraffe heart.

The average Giraffe heart weighs 25 lbs. Stink weighs 24- on a good day......

5) I’m pretty sure no matter where we go Stink will always want “STICKIES!”

Currently we LOVE Giffs (pronounced Jeffs) as she calls them

Here are some other pics from the day:

These guys were very vocal today! Stink didn't know what to think 🙂

She loves the MaCaws at the entrance!


This guy is my fave! He's usually hiding but today he was out and showing off!


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