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My First “Order” as of 3/12/11

So far I have completed most of one order. I have done three dresses and one pair of shorts. That leaves, for this order one dress and one pair of shorts left. Then on to the second order, which has four shorts, three halter tops, three peasant shirts, and three dresses. Whew! Thank God for my mother-in-law for watching Stink.

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Because at 120 lbs I Can That’s Why :)

So as I have stated in previous post I have been losing weight. This week I hit my weight loss goal of 46 lbs. So now I can proudly say that I weigh 120 lbs!!!!! Yay me. It’s been tough. Trust me there were days that I wanted to eat someones face off due to irritability from lack of food and having to run my ass off literally. However, it’s been totally worth it ūüôā I am still running and eating healthy to maintain my weight, but it is nice to know I have some fudge room when holidays and birthdays come around. Since I have lost all this weight none of my clothes fit me. Also, I am still on my sewing kick. Thus, I have been trying to make some new stuff for myself out of left over fabric or out of the clothes that are too big.

This is the halter top I made from left over fabric:

This tutorial was from The Sewing Dork

I am fully aware of my dorkiness 8)


Also aware that I have no boobs ūüė¶


yes that is a crab on my sholder

The next is an old t-shirt that I refurbished into a halter top:

the tutorial for this one is on About.com

The last one is a skirt made from a pair of pant that someone gave to me. They wound up being too big in the waist and also the legs were ridiculously¬†wide. So I cut the legs off at about 1 inch about the knee. Then i¬†ripped open one seam on each. Then I cut out a square based on¬† my measurements (for example if your waist is 36″ then cut yours 19″ in width-¬†that’s your width/2 plus 1″ seam allowance.) Then cut the square to the desired length (for example if you want a skirt that is 20″ then cut it 23″- 2″ is in for the elastic casing and 1′ is for them hem.) Once you have everything cut you are going to sew¬†it all together. First, place the two squares right sides together¬†and sew up both seams. Then sew your hem. Then your elastic casing¬†(make sure you leave an inch of this unsewn so you can thread your elastic.) Thread your elastic and then sew up the remaining inch of the casing. Then you’re done!


I have no idea why I am doing this pose other than maybe to show you how the skirt moves......

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Tiered Ruffle Skirt and Peasant Blouse….. Yes More Sewing :)

Still on my sewing kick this week. Sure there is tons to do around the house before the realtor¬†comes to do the once over to tell Hubby and I what we need to do to make the house sellable, but who can resist the urge to sew when it springs upon you. Okay, some of you can, but me…. not so much. Also, if I want to get any good and become the next greatest designer in the world I HAVE to practice. Okay….. so maybe not the next greatest designer but still if I want to get better I¬† have to keep at it. I found some more sewing blogs that offer free tutorials for some simple pieces. The first Tanya Whelan’s blog Grand Revival. This is where I found the tutorial for the Ruffle Skirt. The tutorial was simple to follow and the pattern was super easy.¬† I don’t have a Serger¬†(yet) so I had to do a basic hem on the Ruffles and hand sew¬†the ruffles, however, even then this did not take me long (1 1/2 hrs) to do.

Tiered ruffle skirt



MMMMMM Snacks.....

The second piece I made today was from Indie Tutes¬†and is for a Peasant Blouse. This too was a well laid out tutorial with simple steps to follow.¬† The only change I made was to do a standard hem on the sleeves instead of making and elastic casing (I ran out of elastic ūüė¶ ) Despite that I think it turned out pretty good!

Peasant shirt


And here we are mad because mommy made us change clothes


and.... we have snacks again so we're good......

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Yeah….. This one didn’t turn out too great

Since I have no one really on hand to teach me how to sew I have been having to do it myself. I do have one friend that can sew, but she’s not readily in my back pocket for immediate use when ever the urge to create something exist. The other day I attempted to make an IPad case for my new IPad that Santa brought me (which is flipping AWESOME!!!!!!!!) Anyways, it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked it to. Here’s what I did. Maybe you’ll have better luck. Sorry there isn’t photos to go with the steps as I was kind of winging this and didn’t really think about it at the time.

I pad case

Not my best work, but maybe you can do better!


Fabric of your choice (I used a pillowcase that didn’t match any sheets in our house. It was way more than enough)


washable pen or tailers chalk




Sewing machine and thread

Iron and ironing board

1. Fold your fabric in half right sides together. Trace your IPad or laptop on to your fabric adding 1″ all around for seam allowances.¬† Do this twice so that you have a lining.

(I made one side of mine longer than the other so that it folded over the top.¬† When cutting out your fabric and lining you can do this by adding 1-2″ to the top of the pattern)

2. Cut out your fabric. Place right sides together and stitch all the way around leaving one seam open.

3. Turn right side out and put the batting in.

4. Sew up the remaining seam.

5. once again put the right sides together and sew the bottom and side together.

6. Sew your ribbon on.

7. Sew your button on. And POOF you’re done ūüôā

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Scrap Fabric Skirt

So today I decided that I would try to make a skirt for Stinkerbell out of some scraps of fabric I have. I got the idea from The Sewing Dork. She has an AWESOME blog with tons of sewing tips, ideas, and tutorials. I found this one post about How to Make Fat Quarter Skirts¬†and got inspired to create my version using scraps of fabric I had left over from various other projects (and I didn’t have any already coordinated Quilt Quarters.) I followed her steps (which were well laid out with photos to boot!) And created a totally cute and wearable skirt for my little Stinkerbell. I tried to wrangle a shirt on her but she would have none of it since she was totally ready for her nap but also wanted to play with stuff in my purse. Here are some pics:

Fabric scraps skirt back

Front view of finished skirt

edited front view

edited back view

I am so pleased with how this skirt turned out! Just wish the little one would have let me put a shirt on her! Oh well, I guess I ‘ll just have to try to get one fully clothed on another date. Once again, check out The Sewing Dork¬†for some super cute ideas of what you can make for yourself or your kids!

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Easy Burp Cloth Pattern

Recently I have been practicing my sewing. I am slowly improving each time. I’ve made Stinkerbell quite a few simple a-line dresses/jumpers with linings. Today I decided to try to make some baby gifts for two family members who are due in the next few months. I thought it would be fun to make them some cute burp cloths. It turned out to be pretty easy to do! Here’s what I did.

What you need:

4 cloth diapers

1 yard of cute fabric (something washable)

sewing thread and machine


iron and ironing board.

 What to do:

1. Prewash all your fabric and then iron out any wrinkles.

2. cut 4 strips of fabric the width and length of the center of the diaper plus 1″ on all sides.

3.Fold the long sides in even with the center of the diaper. Iron and pin in place.

4. Flip the diaper over and fold the top and bottom in as follows: Fold in half and then over the back of the diaper. Iron and pin in place.

5. Sew the fabric to the diaper across the width of the back on both the top and bottom. See picture below:

6.  Sew the long part on the front of the diaper to the diaper. Try to get as close to the edge as possible.  Do both sides.

7. That’s it. You’re done. Now marvel at your AWESOMENESS. Then go make some soon-to-be-mommies day with a personal gift that costs you no more than $8 to make ūüôā

Make sure to iron once more when you are done. I didn't before I took the pic.


Front and back view

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