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A Busy Easter Weekend

Sorry for the lapse in posts. It was a crazy busy week last week and this weekend was just as busy! It started Friday with getting the house ready just in case someone wanted to come look at it (who does that on Easter?- Whatev, hubby insisted.) Then once I got the house together it was time to head to the in-laws for Easter Weekend. My mother in law and I had all kinds of things planned. We HAD to make the banner for our Relay for Life team so that was first on the list. For some reason she was thinking we could use these two napkins she had to make the banner????? Yeah…. not so much. So we headed to Hobby Lobby and picked up some Canvas and Iron on Letters. We decided to work on the banner Saturday. We decided that our banner would have not just the team name but iron on appliques of all of the cancer color ribbons. So I traced all a ribbon in each color (using disappearing ink or tailors chalk- depending on the color) and we cut them out. We also cut out double sided adhesive. We had an embroidered purple ribbon from the quilt my mother in law made so we made that the focal point of our banner. We then decided that the banner needed some more pizzazz and headed back to Hobby Lobby for some blanket binding to put around the edge of the banner and a car that we could applique since our team name is The Pit Crew. Anyways, during that trip I picked up other craft stuffs that I wound up doing as well. Once we got home I sewed the blanket binding around the edge. I did my best to mitre the corners but honestly it wasn’t great…. Oh well, no one will see it on a galloping horse! No, there are no horses involved, it’s just a saying. Anyways, once the binding was on we appliqued all the lettering, ribbons, and the car. Here is the final product:

Relay for Life Banner!

 I think it turned out pretty great. I have to give my mother in law credit for the end result as it was her vision. I just helped to execute it.

 We also made Rice Krispy Eggs with M&M’s in the middle:

Make just like regular rice krispies and shape them into eggs!

 And of course Stink dyed Easter Eggs for the first time!


Stink LOVED dying the eggs! We all had colored hands afterwards though......

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Busy Busy Busy

Wow it’s been a crazy busy week. Monday involved two house showings, unfortunately no offers, tuesday, met with the financial manager peeps. Wednesday, spent the day with my good friend and her kids. Stink and her BFF Samster played while Livy-love crawled all over the place! I can’t believe she is almost walking and can say a few words! She is such a big girl already! Stink had a BLAST with Samster. She just adores him. While there I walked Carrie through a romper like this one

20110421-063648.jpg (this is the one I made for Stink. Pattern is from Sew Sweet Patterns off Etsy.)

However, it didn’t turn out so well as my retarded self pinned the romper bottoms on sideways 😦 so we wound up making it a skirt instead. Then I helped her fix the yoke on what is going to be an adorable shirt/pants outfit for Livy-love!
It felt GREAT to be able to teach her some tips and tricks, even if it didn’t turn out perfect. We’ve decided to make this a weekly thing!
At some point this week I plan on attempting a pleated skirt for Stink, but we’ll have to see. I still have to finish up a Newsboy Hat for Michelle and this weekend is Easter o LOTS of family time!

Stink and her main Squeeze Samster

Livy-love and Samster

Stink decided Livy-love needed a necklace

Who wouldn’t want to smooch all over that pretty face!!!!

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Such a Hard Life

She has it so hard……


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Backyard is open for play!

My Sweet Gumball 🙂


I am so thankful that warm weather is upon us. Today Stink and I spend the later part of the afternoon and early evening outside. She had so much fun digging in the mud. Stink even discovered how to use a stick to paint with the mud. Only bad part is it was on my jeans and I didn’t realize it until too late…. Oh well, into the laundry pile it will go. I hope the weather stays nice like it was today. Then we won’t have to worry about Stink messing the house up too much once we put it on the market. In the pic you will see that she is wearing a shirt I made from this pattern. I am definitely going to have to whip up a few more before Summer hit’s in full force. It’s a perfect shirt for Spring, Summer, and Fall!

I wish I had those lashes! Sigh... She gets them from her daddy.


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Potty Training and an IPad

Potty Training has definitely begun in our house. I downloaded the IPad app called Igo Potty. It goes off every two hours (or how ever often you set it to) to remind you to take the little one to the bath room. Then if they go potty then they get a sticker. Once they reach 9 stickers it unlocks a game. I got the app about a month ago. Initially Stink showed a great interest in going potty. Really all she did was sit on the potty but nothing else. I’m sure this is awful of me but I totally bribe her with playing on the IPad in order to get her to sit on the potty. After a week of going every two hours (but no actual potties) she waned in interest. So, I didn’t push it with her. Then this week she was moved up a class at Mother’s Day Out. Now, she is all about the potty again! This week she has defiantly improved! She actually told me the other day that she had to “go potty” and then actually went! Here is where the problem lies…… Earlier in the week when she had a complete melt down about the potty I may have eaten all of the M&M’s…….. The only thing I had to give her as a reward was this:

I hope she doesn't expect ice cream every time.....

As I said before I’m sure there are some of you out there that think it’s awful to let my child play with my IPad while sitting on the potty. However, I’m all about whatever works! Hope you all out there have success in potty training your little one no matter what route you choose.

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I Have No Idea Where She Comes Up With This Stuff

This is what happens if I leave the room for five minutes:

She gets this from her father I swear!

It’s no wonder that by age 1 she was already missing a tooth. She definitely keeps me on my toes. Today she pretended to cook me some “tatoes” (which I can only assume is potatoes- which is odd because she HATES potatoes.) It could have been tomatoes….. She does LOVE those (gag.) Anyways, I was to pretend to eat these “tatoes” whilst wearing a tiara on my head. Some days my job is just soooooooo hard…… 🙂 I love being her mommy!

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My First “Order” as of 3/12/11

So far I have completed most of one order. I have done three dresses and one pair of shorts. That leaves, for this order one dress and one pair of shorts left. Then on to the second order, which has four shorts, three halter tops, three peasant shirts, and three dresses. Whew! Thank God for my mother-in-law for watching Stink.

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