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Week with Nana and Great Grandma

Last Friday Stink and I went to my in-laws so that hubby and his dad could do the final touches to get the house ready to sell. Stink and I had a great time. I got a TON of sewing done thanks to my mother in law watching Stink for me. I was even able to run at a friends house on their treadmill. We were only supposed to stay until Tuesday, but on Monday hubby called and said things were taking longer than expected. We stayed until Wednesday. Here is our week in photos:

We loved on everyone:
Great grandma

Rusty got the most loving!

We ate:


Cornbread and bean soup

She even helped cook!

We played:

With buckets

And beans in bowls

And watched movies

And after long mornings and fun filled evenings we slept

Sometimes where ever we could

What did you do this past weekend? What do you have planned for this coming weekend? I’m running a 5k to support the fight against child abuse.

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A Trait She Gets from Her Mother

Stinkerbell has always been delightfully entertained by the act of cleaning. Once she was able to walk she would take wipes and “clean” the walls, stereo, couch, whatever she could reach. She would spend hours pretending to clean and giggling about it. Now she even says, “Mommy clean?” “Me CLEAN!” It’s way too cute. I”m pretty sure she learned this from me. I tend to dance and sing as I clean around the house, thus, she is also doing those things when she is “cleaning.” I have to say it DOES making house hold chores a bit more tolerable. I am totally going to soak it up while I can. Lord knows it won’t be long before she is telling me I am the meanest mommy in the world for making her clean her room.
lc vacuum 1

Can you do Mommy's room next?


I guess at this stage of development they are all about imitation. She imitates most everything that I do. I LOVE it! I find it cute when she tries to “crochet” or when she is playing mommy to her baby dolls (each of which has its own name…..) Today she set “Bea” up in her booster seat., strapped her in, brought play food over, and pretended to feed her. All while saying “Bea eat.” “No no no, eat!” It was way cute and I ate every minute of its sweetness up!

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Snow Much Fun

This morning we were greeted with white lawns and icicle clad gutters. I personally like to refer to myself as the Grinch of Snow as I prefer warm beaches and sunshine. Howecer, Stinkerbell loved every bit of the snow. Since I am an awesime momma (toot toot- yeah that’s the sound of my owm horn) I bundled her up and let her play a bit before MDO. Here are a few pics. Enjoy. I am off to rest up for Stinkerbell’s 2nd Birthday tomorrow. Time is flying by!

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Scrap Fabric Skirt

So today I decided that I would try to make a skirt for Stinkerbell out of some scraps of fabric I have. I got the idea from The Sewing Dork. She has an AWESOME blog with tons of sewing tips, ideas, and tutorials. I found this one post about How to Make Fat Quarter Skirts and got inspired to create my version using scraps of fabric I had left over from various other projects (and I didn’t have any already coordinated Quilt Quarters.) I followed her steps (which were well laid out with photos to boot!) And created a totally cute and wearable skirt for my little Stinkerbell. I tried to wrangle a shirt on her but she would have none of it since she was totally ready for her nap but also wanted to play with stuff in my purse. Here are some pics:

Fabric scraps skirt back

Front view of finished skirt

edited front view

edited back view

I am so pleased with how this skirt turned out! Just wish the little one would have let me put a shirt on her! Oh well, I guess I ‘ll just have to try to get one fully clothed on another date. Once again, check out The Sewing Dork for some super cute ideas of what you can make for yourself or your kids!

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Another Day Another Doctor

As noted in my previous post I have been sick with the crud for the umpteenth time in the past 3 months. This of course means it will indefinately spread to all others in the house. Why you may ask? Well, because I have do pretty much do everything or A. It won’t get done or B. It won’t be done right and I will have to redo it because I can be OCD like that. Take for example this morning, my lovely husband woke me at 5:30 am because he wanted me to shave his head for him. Apparently he forgot to ask me last night because he was too busy playing poker and watching football….. I promptly told him “Um….No. I am attempting to sleep.” He begged. I stuck to my guns. However at this point I gave up on sleep because, let’s be realistic who reeeeeeally needs it. Oh wait the sick lady who has a now sick kid who only got three hours sleep thanks to a steroid shot (that still farking hurts) and a kid up coughing all night. That’s the kind of person I would guess needs sleep. Or I could be wrong.
Anyways, back to stuff relevent to the blog title. I took Stinkerbell in to the doctor due to her having a tale tell “Croup” cough all night. Sure enough she was diagnosed with Croup and we were sent on our way with my most favorite prescription in the whole fucking world. Steroids. Yay. I cannot contain my enthusiasm. No really who wouldn’t look forward to three days of a steroid crazed 2 year old who refuses to sleeps and will hit and kick you directly in the face. Not to mention she will literally run circles around the livingroom until she then decides to move on to either the dining room or to perform balance beam routines on the back of the couch. Yay. I. Can’t. Wait. Here is what she will resemble for the next three days:

Except for the whole she’s a girl and white, but you get the idea.
Here is what I will resemble:

Note all you will see when you look at me are going to be my poor sleep deprived eyes. Then on Saturday I get to run in a race. Awesome timing.

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Why I Should Never Be On Project Runway

First I apologize for the long lapses in posts. I’ve been crazy busy running after a 17 month old who thinks she is supposed to run and jump all over EVERYTHING! Which is why I am surprised that I found the time today to attempt to make her one of those “Pillowcase Dresses” that you see in all of the baby boutique stores. My thinking was, it’s a pillowcase with a minor amount of sewing. Anyone can do that. SO….. I tried. THE FUCK! That shit was WAY harder than I expected it to be. First of all it took me FOREVER to sew the, like, 4 hems that it required. Here is the finished project:


Pretty sure this is going to consume my skinny little girl


My attempt to divert your eyes away from the ugliness 🙂

Lets just say that:

1. Attempting to sew around a child with boundless energy and a constant demand for attention is pointless as she will just either unplug the machine or press on the foot.

2. There is a LOT of “liquid stitch” on the ribbon I put around the arm holes to cover up a seriously UGLY hem.

and lastly

3. I will not be sewing for the remainder of the day as I am currently mad at my sewing machine for not magically making me an AWESOME sewer.

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A Real Pampered Chef

My Stinkerbell loves to be in the kitchen with me when I cook. Who am I kidding, she HAS to be where ever I am or she melts down. Anyways, last night I made Honey-Balsamic glazed chicken and she made Alphabet Soup:

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