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I dont care about misquitos

Today I had to go to hell on earth, also known as wal-mart. I hate going to this particular one because every oblivious person in the world shops there. Also, it was 10 am sat. so everyone and their mother was there. I was able to successfully navigate around most of the blundering boobs but there were a few unavoidables in there. For example the cashier who decided to tell the poor sap in front of me all about misquitos. Really….. (insert eye roll here.) I’m pretty sure the guy in front of me could care less. Why do I not care, you may be thinking. Well mostly because 1. They are bugs and 2. It’s JANUARY! However she was kind enough to inform us that she knows all of this because her “husband works in pest control.” um…… I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make her an expert, but that’s just my opinion. Then it was my turn to check out. Yay. She proceeded to tell me she was fine but I don’t recall asking her. Also I don’t like it when people I don’t know touch me and she kept touching the arm of my jacket and asking me questions. Finally I was done and went to leave. This is where I encountered yet more unavoidables. Two of the worlds WIDEST women decided the entrance/exit would be the best place for them to come to a dead stop to remove thier coats. Sigh 😦 Though annoyed I waited patiently because really there was NO way around them.

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Bug bites and sumo wrestlers. All in a days work.

Okay so for the past week I keep waking up with like ten new bug bites a day. I’m all WTF? Seriously I have like 20 on my stomach, 10 on each arm, and 10 on my ASS and thighs. WTF? Why are they biting my ass. Now I have to walk around scratching my ass and people will think I am gross but really it’s because a stupid bug, who clearly suffers from over-eating, bit me in the ass. Well, tonight I may have solved the problem. I smushed the crap out of an apparently VERY and RECENTLY full Mosquito. YAY ME 🙂 So then I go and tell my husband that I think the reason that I have been waking up with all these bug bites is because there are mosquitos getting in the house some how. Then hubsters says, “I don’t think that’s why. Why would they bite you and not me?” SO clearly my response was “because I am WAY sweeter than you and tastier!” Then he laughed at me (uh…not with, but at) and rolled his eyes. Also, today I hung all of the 800 pictures that I have been waiting 4 years for hubster to hang (okay some only 8 months) and the first thing he says is “that’s not where I want those. What am I going to do with my sumo paintings?” So I said to him “Here’s an option, you can shove them up your ass.” Okay, I didn’t really say that, but I wanted to, because, HELLO! I just spent ALL day hanging pictures and all you can focus on is the stupid sumo/japanese paintings that I took down to hang pictures of our BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER! I did tell him that I didn’t care if he didn’t want them there I did and that is where they are staying. I also told him that he can put his “precious” sumo/japanese paintings in a closet until we get a bigger house and have a place to put them (i.e. the room no one goes in.) I mean really, these paintings are stupid. I used to like them at first but now not so much. And I have never even heard of the so called “famous” Japanese artist that painted them.

Okay so I know this isn't a sumo wrestler but this is a pic that came up when I did a search for "sumo prints." Maybe I could find a picture of the actual prints if I could read the artists name or my hubby even KNEW who did them. But he doesn't, yet the artist is SO famous.

uh..... that doesn't look like a sumo wrestler to me????????

Okay so I know this isn’t a sumo wrestler but this is a pic that came up when I did a search for “sumo prints.” Maybe I could find a picture of the actual prints if I could read the artists name or my hubby even KNEW who did them. But he doesn’t, yet the artist is SO famous.

Ugh…. men.




Also, this is what I have felt like all week:

calvinandmisquitos.jpg calvin and misquitos image by awesomeloozur


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