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Tribute to Mom for Mother’s Day


My Beautiful Mother and Her First Born Daughter

Growing up I would have told you that I have the world’s most embarrassing mom. I look back now and realize just how lucky I am to have the mom I do. My sisters and I used to get so annoyed when she would sing the “boo boo” song to us, but now I find myself doing it to Stinkerbell. I can also remember curling up with her and watching her crime shows before bed. I too do this with my Stinkerbell. We used to pick at her about her choices in music (I remember how mysteriously “Caribbean Christmas” disappeared from the car before a road trip to Granny and Pop’s house.)

I also remember a mother who was always there to help with our homework, take us to whatever activities we had, and did it all with a smile on her face. She never complained when we stained our new clothes or asked her for the umpteenth thousandth time “why can’t I?” She always greeted us every morning with a hug and kiss no matter how mad we were at her when we went to bed the night before.

She was a perfect balance of strict and loving. When I was a kid I always thought that she was “so unfair” and “never wants us to have any fun.” I now realize, she was one of the most fair people I have ever known and that we had tons of fun. Being a kid I didn’t rationalize that all those trips to the beach, amusement parks, skating rinks, etc were privileges and that just because I didn’t get to go to ONE event didn’t make her “unfair” or “the meanest mommy on Earth.”

One of my Mom’s talents is sewing. When we were kids she used to make us all kinds of clothes.  I would get so mad because instead of buying me that new “designer shirt” my Mom would say “I can make that.” So, thus, I either didn’t get it or she made me one in some hideous print. Now, I love when she makes my little Stinkerbell clothes. I think they are the cutest, most wonderful, and my favorite outfits. I wish I could sew like her so I could make these things for my daughter. Thankfully, my Mom being the smart woman that she is, saved some of these outfits in case one of her kids wants it for their kid.

Having a child of my own now, I realize just how much she loved each and every one of her kids. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to make my child the best she can be and I know that my mother did this for me.  My mom is a wonderful role model as a woman. She is a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother, and friend to so many. She loves with all of her heart and soul. She is ALWAYS there when you need her and when you think you don’t need her, but really, deep down inside you’re glad she’s there. The greatest thing that my Mom ever did for me was to be my Mom. Because of her, I’ve learned how to be the best mom possible to my daughter.

Mom, I know that everything you have ever done for me was out of love. For this, I am forever in debt to you. Thank you for all of your sacrifices, for always believing in me (even when I didn’t), pushing me when I needed it, guiding me when I was lost, comforting me when I was hurting, and most importantly loving me. You are by far the most amazing woman I have the pleasure of knowing. Also, now that I’m not 14 anymore, I am proud that you are my mom. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

p.s. I am TOTALLY SORRY for being a brat when I was a kid. I blame it on K and J though. 🙂

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OMG Mom!

Seriously my mom drives me crazy sometimes. All I said on the phone was that Princess is not a big eater. I just got an hour long lecture about how children eat, using an “on demand” feeding schedule (which I don’t), and how if I let her know I’m worried about her eating then she will use it to manipulate me. Um….. I never said I was worried about her eating. As a matter of fact MOM I said that she is growing and developing fine so I’m not worried about her being a picky eater. Also, I don’t use a demand feeding schedule as there is way too much shit for me to do in the day and she will eat when scheduled because that is what normal people do anyways. I will say that I am glad she called because I may have forgotten that she is coming to visit tomorrow….. oops
omg shut up

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