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Weekend at Nona and Pops

Last weekend Hubby and I went to visit with his parents. Hubby and Pops had a fishing trip planned that I was TOTALLY NOT EVEN INVITED TO! I’m only still slightly bitter, but kinda glad I didn’t go because a buddy of ours went with them and he totally hooked the guide in the face with one of those three barbed lures. They had to take him to the emergency room to have it removed. EW. I can handle getting my own fish off the hook but not human flesh. While there Nona and I took Stinkerbell to the “Blooming Festival.” It’s a festival where local and national vendors can rent a spot and set up shop for the weekend. It raises money for a local Catholic School. There were tons of vendors there, mostly handmade goods such as candles, toys, children’s clothes, bird houses, etc. I found a totally cute hand knitted sweater for Stinkerbell (got a 2t for this fall since it’s way too f’ing hot already for her to wear) and a handmade Dora purse for her as well. She loves her new purse. For the rest of the weekend she walked around with it on her arm. She made sure it stayed on my holding her hand up in the air. It was too cute. Stinkerbell also had fun chasing Rusty the cat around the house. She did pretty good at not pulling his hair out but she did pull his tail a few times 😦 Poor guy. He was probably glad when we left.


Headed to Nona and Pops' house


Blooming Festival


Nona and Stinkerbell


Stinkerbell and her Dora purse


Curled up on Nona after a long day of shopping


Playing with Daddy


Rusty being patient with Stinkerbell


Making sure her purse stays on


Playing with Great Gramma


Mr. Mike and Stinkerbell

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I Swear She is Part Monkey

Ever since she learned to crawl Stinkerbell as been trying to climb everything. I blame Hubby for this as I have heard a plethora of stories about similar incidents from his mother. One time when she was about 8 or 9 months old she climb up onto a short (about 6″ high) Rubbermaid bin and was in the process of climbing onto the end table when I caught her. She has been forever trying to climb up onto the couch and table chairs. Pretty much anything she can get her long legs up on to she will heave herself up. The child has no fear of falling or getting hurt. So far I have caught her every attempt and stopped her. One time when I caught her I literally CAUGHT her because she did fall. She didn’t get hurt but did scare herself a little. This didn’t deter her at all though. She went right back and tried again. I have removed or blocked all things that she could get hurt on but somethings (i.e. the couch and table chairs) I can’t necessarily block. I guess for now I’ll just have to keep running around after her. Do I get to count that towards Activity points in Weight Watchers? If not, then it should totally be added to their “activity” selection. Just sayin’.




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Playing in the Park

Nuthead and I decided that since it was such a beautiful day outside that we would go to the park. She had a ton of fun swinging and then running around. I think she found just about every pine cone that was there and these things too:

I have no idea what these things are even though I have seen them my whole life

 At some point she tried to eat one of them. I’m pretty sure it didn’t harm her but she definitely didn’t like the way it tasted. She also tried to eat a flower that she picked (well, ripped out of the ground.) That didn’t taste well either and I made her spit it out. She’s sneaky I tell you.  All in all she had a blast!

Hanging out on the swings


Playing on the slide jungle gym thingy

Shockingly she sat still for five whole seconds!

I found a pine cone!

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Five Thing’s I did with Nuthead this Week

Nuthead and I had a busy week together. We did so much stuff and had such a blast together.  She’s my favorite person to hang out with 🙂 

  1. On Monday we went to the Botanical Gardens. We were supposed to meet the playgroup there but we were the only ones that showed (due to chilly weather.) So I bundled Nuthead up and we just strolled around for a while. Every time she saw a bird she would say “uck!” Which I can only assume means “duck” unless someone taught her a dirty word…..  

Hanging with me at the Gardens

  2. On Tuesday we had a tea party with Flo and Dolly. Only there was no tea and lame commentary from our guests. Flo and Dolly are kind of boring guest have. Also they talk exactly the same (hmmmmmm……..)  

Flo- “Hey Dolly are you going to the Zoo tomorrow?”  

 Dolly- “Yeah. You?” 

Flo- “Yeah.”  

 3. On Wednesday we met up with an old friend of mine and her kids at the Zoo. It was ridiculously fun. The kids had a great time looking at all of the animals and running around. This was the first trip that Nuthead actually showed any interest in the animals. She would point at the Tigers and say “at! at! at!” Also, I think she made a new BFF for life.  

Nuthead (left) and her new BFF for Life. They were just too cute together!

See! Already sharing juicy gossip!

  4. We were supposed to go shopping with a friend of mine today but she had to cancel due to important matters so Nuthead and I spent the day playing together. The weather was to yucky for anything outside so I decided that I would take her shopping at Old Navy (we had a gift card!!!!!) and then headed over to Walmart. Also, that night LC invited Lucentabella (one of her two favorite Aunties) over for a tea party. This time the conversations were much more creative as this is a talent Lucentabella has. Here is what she got from Old Navy:  


Shirt and Shorts

Polka Dot shirt

Cute little striped dress


This is a skirt and top

 5. The most fun thing we did this week was to finger paint together. Well, Nutheads version of it anyways. I got her some Color Wonder Finger paint to use. I just put globs of the different colors on the paper for her and then she smeared her hand everywhere. We both had a blast with this. Here is what my little artist created: 

This was during her blue period

She was going for Jackson Pollock

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