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I Broke the Toilet

B3AKs fo' OOPS

Yesterday I think I broke the toilet. My day was going great until about 8:30pm when I leaned over the bathroom sink and my stomach apparently hit a jar of Clinique sunscreen stuff (I don’t know it was free with some purchase.) That is when the Clinique stuff decided to do a Cirque Du Soleil act with a dramatic ending in the toilet. WTF? I barely tapped it. It was also just my luck that this little sample jar was just big enough to go down the hole in the toilet but not big enough to fit completely down. Thus, it’s stuck in the toilet. Sadly I can’t even blame my kid for this because 1) She was already in bed and 2) She doesn’t have access to that part of the house.

Unfortunately my hubby wasn’t home when I did this as he was out playing pool. So I called him up immediately to report what was occurring in our house at that very moment:
Me: Um….. I think I broke the toilet

Hubby: What? How?

Me: Lets just say that Clinique shouldn’t do acrobatic acts in the bathroom

Hubby: Oh My GOD what have you done?

Me: Well……. I was trying to be the best wife ever and clean the bathroom when a jar of Clinique decided to show me it’s new acrobatic trick. It totally sucked because who does a trick that ends in the toilet?

Hubby: What? What did you do to the toilet?

Me: Hypothetically what would happen if a jar of Clinique got stuck in the toilet?

Hubby: You would need to get it out.

Me: Duh…. but what if said jar got sucked down the toilet but not completely?

Hubby: Then we would need to turn the water off and remove the toilet from the floor and get it out.

Me: Yeah…. we’re going to need to do that.

Hubby: DON’T TOUCH IT! I will fix it this weekend.

Me: Okay but I’m going to put a sign on it so that you won’t forget and try to use it when you get home.

Oops my bad.........

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Um……Possible oops here….

So….. I’m two days late. And by late yes, I mean that kind of late. I am usually like clockwork so I’m a little freaked out right now. Not sure what to do. Should I wait a few more days and then take a test if I still haven’t started or should I just take one. There is only a slim possiblity that I could be preggers but I doubt it. I had to have fertility treatments to get preggers with nuthead so I’m not sure that I can get preggers without help but there is always that chance. So….. yeah…….

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