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I Present to you




Here it is! If you follow my tweets I have been tweeting about having Buddy shaved. Well, here he is in all his glory! For those who question why? Buddy is well over 25lbs. As a result he can’t reach some parts to clean them. Thus, he gets matts in his hair and they have to be cut out. Unfortunately this generally falls to me to get done and lately (like since the birth of Stink) I have not had the time. Also, with his weight it really is a two person job and Hubby isn’t always home to help. So, to combat his matted hair we had to have him shaved. I think he looks handsome with his “Lion Cut”

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He’s pleasantly plump

My cat Buddy currently weighs more than my one year old. She reigns in at 18lbs and he at 25lbs. After I had my c-section with nuthead I wasn’t allowed to pick him up for two weeks because he exceeded the maximum weight limit. Seriously. When we first got him we knew he was going to be a big kitty in stature due to his large ears and paws but we had no idea that he would be this big. When he was little he wasn’t fat. He was big for his age, but by far not a fatty.  After about his first birthday though he just kept getting fatter and fatter. So, we decided to put him on a diet. Well, eight years later he’s still a fatty and while he hasn’t gained anymore weight, he hasn’t lost any either. Actually one time he did drop down to 18 pounds but that was after he ran away for a week. As soon as he was home he plumped right back up. Last year out of concern for his health I had the vet run tests on him to make sure he wasn’t suffering from any illness causing or because of his weight. Turns out, as she put it, “He’s just fat.” I was also concerned because he would go into these gagging/heaving fits if he didn’t get food first thing in the morning. The vet said this is “food anxiety.” WTF? Not only is Buddy fat, but he has “food anxiety.” I’ve tried to “excercise” him by getting him to play but he will have none of this. He just looks at me, then the toy, then at me and yawns. I even tried putting a leash on him to “walk” him. That resulted in him plastering himself to the floor with all for legs spread out. He was not going to budge and I was not going to drag 25lbs of resistance around the neighborhood. I mean it would be bad enough being “the weirdo that walks her cat” but add to that the fact that the cat clearly didn’t want to be walking would have made it ten times worse. Then how would I face my neighbors? So, alas, we have decided that as long as he is happy, we are happy. He may or may not have a shorter life due to his weight, but at least while he is alive he is happy and loved (every fatty inch of him:))

Fatty Catty Buddy

My sweet boy

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