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Friday’s Five Things I Learned at the Zoo Today

My little Lioness! RAWR


Today I decided to take Stink to the Zoo because quite frankly this morning I cleaned the house and wanted it to stay that way for at least 30 minutes. Once I said the words “bye bye” we couldn’t get out the door fast enough for Stink. Stink LOVES going to the Zoo so we have a membership and thus we don’t have to pay every time we go. TOtally worth it since during the warmer seasons we go at minimum once a week. In addition to this our membership allows for discounts at various other Zoos across the nation. Sweet! Anyways, today’s trip to the Zoo was quite the adventure. It was the first time I really let Stink walk instead of being in the stroller. She did okay for a while but then didn’t want to hold my hand so I made her get in the stroller. She loved seeing all the animals. This trip, unlike all the previous ones, she was able to say what the animal was and make the appropriate sounds associated with them. What a smart cookie I have! Here is what I learned at the zoo today:
1) Friday’s are field trip days. It was PACKED!

2) Not all animals are caged at the zoo. Some visit while on field trips with their school…….

3) Some people just shouldn’t be allowed in public with children because their children act better than they do.

4) My child weighs less than a Giraffe heart.

The average Giraffe heart weighs 25 lbs. Stink weighs 24- on a good day......

5) I’m pretty sure no matter where we go Stink will always want “STICKIES!”

Currently we LOVE Giffs (pronounced Jeffs) as she calls them

Here are some other pics from the day:

These guys were very vocal today! Stink didn't know what to think 🙂

She loves the MaCaws at the entrance!


This guy is my fave! He's usually hiding but today he was out and showing off!


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She Has No Fear


Me and Stinkerbell

They other day I took Stinkerbell to meet up with the playgroup at a Petting Farm/Zoo. This was the first time I took her without the stroller. I thought she might be scared of the animals since they are bigger than her and well could kill her with one kick. Boy was I wrong! She ran right up to them and tried to grab them. Of course I stopped her and told her “gentle.” I think I was more scared than she was. She loved being able to touch the animals. She giggled and shrieked every time one of them let her touch them. One even nuzzled her head, which she about fell over from excitement and the nuzzling. The only other issue we had for the day was her attempt to eat poop. No worries though. She was deterred and her hand immediately wash! GAG GAG GAG!.






Also while we were there we encountered yet another foul barnyard fowl. As you recall our first incident involved a rooster. Apparently this rooster and duck are long-lost buddies who recently reunited and discussed how they are going to attempt to take over the world by eating the feet of all bipeds. I kid you not this duck had less fear than stinkerbell! By the way it does NOT feel good to have your feet pecked and nipped at by evil fowl.

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In case you’re interested


So yesterday I took LC to meet up with her playgroup at The Oak Mountain State Park Petting Farm.  We had a blast. She got to pet a pony, a donkey, and some goats. When I say pet I really mean grab their fur. Also, one of the goats tried to eat her hand. No worries though. Mommy was quick enough to pull it away. I thought she would be scared to touch the animals, but then again my child has no fear. I swear she doesn’t. After about and hour she was getting tired so we called it a day. So we headed home.


 She took her nap and I made the grocery list. I decided that I would try to use the infant carriers that you strap on to free up  some space in my grocery cart. So before we went to the store I decided to try it out with her in it. We have two and I wanted to see which one I liked better. Well, little did I know that these things are like the worlds hardest puzzles to figure out. I tried the first one out (infantino brand, I think.) For some reason back when I got it I threw out the directions thinking it wouldn’t be that hard to put together. WRONG! WTF!!!!!!!!! That shit is crazy!  So after 15 minutes of confusion I decide that I have it figured out. I put the little one in it and put it on. Hmmmm……. why is she hanging at my knees. That can’t be right. So I tighten some straps and viola, she’s at my tummy. I decide this one makes me look fat. I move on to the second one (evenflow brand.) Well first of all I couldn’t even tell which side was the front (once again, I had thrown away the directions) and I’m pretty sure that I did NOT have the straps done right. So anyways I decide that I think I have it figured out. I put LC in it and….. um should that be over her face like that????? I don’t think I had it right. So I take it off with her in it and gently lay her on the ground (I learned on my first attempt that you CANNOT get them out of it with it still on you.) Well, she did not like this. It induced crying (which my child rarely does.) So I frantically get her out and decide that WE don’t like this one. Off to the store we go with the first one. I get there and try to put her in it. She immediately throws a fit (once again, not something my child does often.) I’m all, “well crap I have no where to lay you down to get you out.” So I gently cram her into a very small space on the car seat (not her actual car seat but the real seat in the car) and get her out. Damn, now I’m going to have to put her back in her carseat, strap her in, and tip toe to see where I’m going in the store (I’m pretty short.) We get our shopping done and I actually am able to stick to the budget (go me!) and head home. Once again, we are tired and ready for a nap. She eats, I put her down, and finally some quite time. Only now my back hurts, I’m exhausted and I’m pretty sure I have a good case of PMS. I swear my husband only calls when it is the worst time in the world. He calls me to discuss the paperwork for my father’s estate and tells me that we need to finish it tonight. I’m all I told you three weeks ago we needed to finish it then and you were all, “I’ll look at it late.” Now I’m all “I don’t want to f’in look at it tonight,” but i don’t say this I just moan   about my back hurting and being tired. He says “all you have to do is sign in the proper areas.” I’m all “whatev.” Also, he decides that this is the time to talk to me about the budget. Um….. no. I don’t want to I’m tired and my back hurts. Also, I’m on a diet and exercise program. My blood sugar is low and I just worked my ass off (literally) this morning. Do we have to talk about how you think I can keep a grocery bill under $80.00 (including diapers and formula) each week????? He decides to make this discussion brief. I think it was a smart move on his part. Finally LC wakes up from her nap and we play. Then it’s time for her daily baby food session. On this day we are having blueberries and apples. I don’t think she likes them. She hit the spoon with her hand I don’t know how many times and got blueberries all over her, me, the highchair, and the table.  She also grunted at me everytime she ate a bite. Whatever, LC you are so like your daddy when it come to food! Clearly you did not get my LOVE of all foods. That’s fine though, you can be skinny and gorgeous! I get done feeding her and am about to start dinner. I look at the recipe only to realize it was suppose to be done in the crock pot and takes four hours on low. Damn it. I decide I can still do it and eat by 8:30pm if I do it for 2 hours on high. I put everything in the crock pot and leave it. Anyways, finally its time for LC to go to bed. This is about the only thing that goes smooth for me today. She drinks her bottle without fuss and immediately falls asleep. Ahhhhhhh….. off duty for awhile. Only, I forget that I am still cooking dinner, so not so much. My husband gets home at about 8pm and comes in the kitchen where I am. He looks at the crock pot and says “Smells good, looks scary.” WTF? Do you not realize that I have slaved all day to make this (okay, like five minutes, but it FELT like all day.) I tell him “I am just warning you that I have REALLY bad PMS tonight.” He then gives me a hug and quietly says “I’m just going to go hide in the bedroom now.” I tell him “probably best as I am crankier than ever.” Alas, we get dinner done and eaten and I decide I am way too tired for anything else today. I crash and hard in the bed. This morning I woke up to realize that i left the crock put on (oops, thank god I emptied the food out of it) and all of LC’s toys on the floor (I always pick them up when she goes to bed.) Whew…. what a day yesterday. So far today is not much better. In the middle of my work out I had to vomit. LC refused to take her morning nap and now in the dead heat of summer I am freezing in my house. I think I will do NOTHING today.

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