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Easy Toddler Blanket Tutorial

The Newest Addition to the bunch….

As I stated in the previous post one of the things I bought in addition to the relay stuff was material to make Stink a new blanket. You may recall that I recently tried to make her one and she sorta took to it. She liked it and thus added it to her collection of “Kikis.’ Not quite what I was hoping for. I had HOPED that it would replace the disgusting (although frequently washed) kikis. Alas, she marches to the beat of her own drum….. You would think that I would have learned my lesson, but apparently I did not. I thought for sure when I saw the material I used she would drop the three current Kikis and latch on to the new one. Nope. She just added it to the group…. At least I can tell you how I made it and who knows maybe your kiddo will love it SO much that they do away with their yucky one!


1 yard of Sherpa/faux animal skin print fabric

1 4 3/4 yds package of corresponding blanket binding

Walking foot

Sewing Maching and sewing supplies

Step 1: Pin your blanket binding to the fabric (I left mine as it came from the store. No need to mess with perfection when they cut it for you!)  One side at a time. Begin with the short ends.* When pinning the binding to the fabric make sure you pull the binding taut. I found this led to less puckering.

Step 2:  Sew the first end. Repeat with the opposite end.

Step 3: Sew the binding to the sides. Place the binding over the sewn on binding at the ends. I folded the end of my binding under and even with the end to creat a clean edge (on both ends.) Repeat this with the other side.

Step 4:  optional I wanted the ends to look a little more finished so I sewed a square on each corner like this:

Square Corner

THen before they wake up from their nap go throw it on them and take a picture because it maybe the only one you get where they are sleeping under it as they refuse to give up the gross one for the pretty new one….
See like this:

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When is a craft fail a success?

Owl Front

Back with Pocket



It’s when you make a hideously ugly Owl Pillow for your daughters new toddler bed and you absolutely HATE the outcome but she doesn’t care and LOVES it! Yup. That’s what we have today. A craft fail turned toddler loving success! Sometimes my little Stinkerbell amazes me. So, unfortunately I don’t have numbers and what not to give you in this semi-tutorial. I can just tell you what I did step by step and provide a few pics:

Two large scraps of fabric

various other scraps that coordinate with the two main large scraps of fabric

Instant bonding liquid Stitch

a quarter

a coffee cup



sewing supplies

Step 1:

Cut out all your pieces. You will need two main pieces (a front and back), two wing pieces, two main eye pieces, two iris pieces, and two pupil pieces. You will also need a small triangle for the nose and a pocket shaped piece for the back (make sure you have a seam allowance!)

For the main fabric your pattern pieces will look like this:

Main Front and Back Pattern Piece


for the wings like the brown pieces here:

For the main eyes use your coffee cup and trace two circles. For the iris use a quarter and trace two circles. For the pupils you can draw two smaller circles and cut a tiny triangle out of each (or just leave them be- whatever you want- that’s the joy of doing it yourself!)

Step 2:

 Once you have all of your pattern pieces cut out you will need to applique the wings onto the front main fabric piece.

Then applique the main eye pieces on and the nose piece.

For the Iris and pupil I just used some instant bonding liquid stitch and the iron. Super easy 🙂

Um..... I suck at Applique..... 😦

Step 3:

Mark and then sew your pocket piece onto the back main fabric piece.

Sew Pocket Piece on BEFORE sewing main pieces together

Step 4: Place the two main fabric pieces right sides together and sew all around the edge leaving a 1 inch opening. Then flip right side out.

This is after it was flipped right side out

Step 5: Fill will polyfill or stuffing of some kind.


Step 6: Sew up your one inch seam. I suck at this and chose to just straight stitch. My mom says there’s a special “blind” stitch you can do. If you know how to do this then more power to you!

Step 7: Present to child upon her waking up and watch her shriek with joy as you just shake your head in amazement that as hideously ugly as it is she still LOVES IT!

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