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California Day 1

Hubby and I arrived in Anaheim, California late Wednesday. We decided that the following Thursday would be our shopping day. We hit two main shopping centers. The first was called The Block at Orange. There were tons of outlet stores here with great prices. We walked and shopped here for hours! If you are ever in Anaheim, Ca, then I highly suggest spending some time here. I found several outfits and accessories. My hubby, who is SUPER picky, also found tons of clothes. Then we headed over to The Garden Walk. I was disappointed in this venue. It’s mostly restaurants with a few stores here and there, even though the website claims different. It’s also not very large. I did find some Sketchers that I liked here, but that was about it.  If I’m ever in the area again I will probably skip this venue for shopping but definitely return for dining. It had multiple upscale restaurants available and was in walking distance to our resort.


Yeah.... that's going to dent the wallet some......


New Purse. I got it from "It's All About Me Forever"


Shirt for Stinkerbell


New pair of "Vans" for Stinkerbell


Weird shrimp dude at Bubba Gumps at The Garden Walk

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Shop Goodwill

Recently my wonderful sister Lucentabella informed me about www.shopgoodwill.com. This is an eBay like site where you can bid on items being sold by Goodwill. The proceeds from these sales go to enhance the services provided by Goodwill. So not only do you get to find cool stuff but you get to help others out as well. What could be better than that, right? Anyways, I thought I would try it out since she showed me an AWESOME Dooney & Bourke purse that she got for $40. My initial goal was to find a Coach purse in great condition for a reasonable price. I found several and put a bid in. The really cool thing about this site is that you can set a “max bid” that you are willing to pay. For example on one of the purse I found I put in that I was willing to bid up to $50. What this does is bids you the smallest amount above the current bid automatically. For this example the current bid was $25 and it put my bid at $26. Then when someone else comes and bids on it, say $27, it will automatically put a new bid in for your and the next smallest increment, for example $28. It will continue to do this for you until you reach your “max bid.” Unfortunately for me, but not for my hubby, my “max bid” wasn’t high enough for me to win the auction. No Coach purse for me yet 😦 However, I did find a ton of stuff that was really interesting. I decided to scope out their toy section to see if they had a play kitchen that I could bid on for my Stinkerbell when I came across this:
fisher price,rocking horse,1976

1973 Fisher Price Horse


I bid on it immediately because OMG isn’t it adorable! Once I bid on it the site automatically puts it in my “Auctions in Progress” folder. You can also have it notify you by e-mail if you are outbid or if you win the auction.

There are several additional features of this site that make it convenient. For example, once you select an item to view, it provides you with all of the information you need about it: item #, quantity, start/stop auction dates, location of item, shipping and handling and payment method information, bid history, and available photographs. The only seller information that is provided is the name of the Goodwill Store that is selling the item. There are no “persons” that are sellers. Just stores.  Here is a screen shot of what it looks like:

Item Inquiry Page

Another great feature is the “Personal Shopper” option. This option allows you to save search terms to automatically complete a daily search of items specific to your request.  For example, if you want it to look for “Coach Purses” then you put that as your search request, fill in the rest of the information, and it will send you a daily or weekly (you choose) email notifying you of added items to the inventory.

Personal Shopper Request Page

 Just as eBay does, you have a log of pending auctions that you can view at any time and you can “watch” an item without having to bid on it.

As stated above I purchased a Fisher Price Horse for my Stinkerbell. Shipping and all it only cost me $20. My order arrived within one week and the item was in excellent condition. I found all aspects as portrayed on the site to be an adequate representation of the item that I received. Two awesome things have come out of this experience for me: 1. I bought something and helped the community at the SAME TIME and 2. My Stinkerbell absolutely LOVES her new toy!


Stinkerbell riding her horsey the way mommy told her to.....


Stinkerbell riding it the way she wants to.....

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Weekend at Nona and Pops

Last weekend Hubby and I went to visit with his parents. Hubby and Pops had a fishing trip planned that I was TOTALLY NOT EVEN INVITED TO! I’m only still slightly bitter, but kinda glad I didn’t go because a buddy of ours went with them and he totally hooked the guide in the face with one of those three barbed lures. They had to take him to the emergency room to have it removed. EW. I can handle getting my own fish off the hook but not human flesh. While there Nona and I took Stinkerbell to the “Blooming Festival.” It’s a festival where local and national vendors can rent a spot and set up shop for the weekend. It raises money for a local Catholic School. There were tons of vendors there, mostly handmade goods such as candles, toys, children’s clothes, bird houses, etc. I found a totally cute hand knitted sweater for Stinkerbell (got a 2t for this fall since it’s way too f’ing hot already for her to wear) and a handmade Dora purse for her as well. She loves her new purse. For the rest of the weekend she walked around with it on her arm. She made sure it stayed on my holding her hand up in the air. It was too cute. Stinkerbell also had fun chasing Rusty the cat around the house. She did pretty good at not pulling his hair out but she did pull his tail a few times 😦 Poor guy. He was probably glad when we left.


Headed to Nona and Pops' house


Blooming Festival


Nona and Stinkerbell


Stinkerbell and her Dora purse


Curled up on Nona after a long day of shopping


Playing with Daddy


Rusty being patient with Stinkerbell


Making sure her purse stays on


Playing with Great Gramma


Mr. Mike and Stinkerbell

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Five Thing’s I did with Nuthead this Week

Nuthead and I had a busy week together. We did so much stuff and had such a blast together.  She’s my favorite person to hang out with 🙂 

  1. On Monday we went to the Botanical Gardens. We were supposed to meet the playgroup there but we were the only ones that showed (due to chilly weather.) So I bundled Nuthead up and we just strolled around for a while. Every time she saw a bird she would say “uck!” Which I can only assume means “duck” unless someone taught her a dirty word…..  

Hanging with me at the Gardens

  2. On Tuesday we had a tea party with Flo and Dolly. Only there was no tea and lame commentary from our guests. Flo and Dolly are kind of boring guest have. Also they talk exactly the same (hmmmmmm……..)  

Flo- “Hey Dolly are you going to the Zoo tomorrow?”  

 Dolly- “Yeah. You?” 

Flo- “Yeah.”  

 3. On Wednesday we met up with an old friend of mine and her kids at the Zoo. It was ridiculously fun. The kids had a great time looking at all of the animals and running around. This was the first trip that Nuthead actually showed any interest in the animals. She would point at the Tigers and say “at! at! at!” Also, I think she made a new BFF for life.  

Nuthead (left) and her new BFF for Life. They were just too cute together!

See! Already sharing juicy gossip!

  4. We were supposed to go shopping with a friend of mine today but she had to cancel due to important matters so Nuthead and I spent the day playing together. The weather was to yucky for anything outside so I decided that I would take her shopping at Old Navy (we had a gift card!!!!!) and then headed over to Walmart. Also, that night LC invited Lucentabella (one of her two favorite Aunties) over for a tea party. This time the conversations were much more creative as this is a talent Lucentabella has. Here is what she got from Old Navy:  


Shirt and Shorts

Polka Dot shirt

Cute little striped dress


This is a skirt and top

 5. The most fun thing we did this week was to finger paint together. Well, Nutheads version of it anyways. I got her some Color Wonder Finger paint to use. I just put globs of the different colors on the paper for her and then she smeared her hand everywhere. We both had a blast with this. Here is what my little artist created: 

This was during her blue period

She was going for Jackson Pollock

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Mom, if I wanted a lecture I’d go back to school….

So my mom came down for her monthly visit with her granddaughter. I generally look forward to these visits as I want LC to bond with her. However, my mom continues to treat my like a 16 year old despite the fact that I have graduated college, have started my own family, and in less than one month will be 30.  Upon her arrival I tell her if she wants she can watch LC while I go to the grocery store or she can come with us. She decides to come with. Damn. So I load everybody up and away we go. Apparently taking your mother to the grocery store means that you get an hour long lecture on healthy food. Seriously. I’m on weight watchers mom. It’s ALL healthy. Also, while at the store my mom decides she wants to make smoothies. So I say “Okay.” The following conversation ensues:
Me: “Make sure it’s fat free yogurt.”

Mom: “Well, I don’t want aspartame.”

Me: “Mom, for the hundredth time Aspartame is perfectly fine for you.”
Mom: “Well, also I don’t want phenylalanine in mine.”

Me: “Why, you don’t have PKU disease.”
Mom: “Well, how do you know that?”
Me: “Because they would have tested you at birth and you would be dead by now from all of your previous exposure to phenylalanine.”

Mom: “You don’t know that.”

Me: “Yes, I do. I used to write background summaries for adoptions. All children are tested at birth. All background summaries have to have the results of that test in them. I also have to explain why they have to have the test and what the results mean.”

Mom: “Well, I’m just saying that I can’t have it.”

Me: “Fine. You get your yogurt and I’ll get mine.”

So we each get our yogurt and continue on. I tell her I need to get my cereal. Now, as previously stated I’m on weight watchers. I get the Great Value Brand Strawberry Mini Spooners. They are 4 points. It’s my treat every once in a while. I proceed to pick up the bag and put it in the cart. My mother then proceeds to go “Tsk Tsk Tsk” (finger action and all.) Then she tells me I need to get something that has more fiber in it. WTF mom. It has plenty of fiber in it and I eat well over the daily recommendations. I tell her to stop. She then stares at me as if I have just completed the most heinous act in the world. I tell her “This is why I don’t like you going to the store with me. I know how to eat healthy. I DO eat healthy.” Keep in mind the rest of the cart was full of nothing but healthy food. She then gets mad at me and continues to stare me down while saying “Stop it.” I turn and continue walking. This is the thousandth time I have had this argument with my mother. The rest of the trip to the store continues with a few more minor incidents.

So my mom leaves and goes to her aunts house for two days. On her way back to her house she has decided to stop by the house and visit again. Great. She calls when she gets to Clanton and says she is going to the peach farm and wants to know if I would like any peaches. I say, sure that would be awesome. When she gets there she calls me. I asked her what other produce do they have out. She rattles off a list of melons that I tell her no to. Then she says “Oh, they have some figs.” I say “Oh, cool, get me some of those.” Then she says “Do you even know what figs are?” Yes, mom, I’m not an idiot.

On a final note, I love my mother. She is the best mother in the world. However, every visit has some lecture in it of crap I already know, or how I should do this instead of that. Ugh……….


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